Moving James, Beverly Hillbillies style

   Moving James. James was living in an 2 room apartment in Forest City North Carolina. He had a bedroom and a kitchen-living room combo. The entire apartment was 300 square feet. James' apartment came furnished with a couch, bed and dresser. All of James' personal possessions amounted to a computer, clothes, recliner and dishes.

   James and Debra borrowed grandpa’s truck to move all of James' things into the new house. James and Debra were trying to make the transition in one trip. The truck that we had borrowed was a single cab truck with an 8 foot bed.

   James had already boxed up all of his belongings and had everything ready to go so when they got there with the truck we would be ready to load. James and Debra started by loading the kitchen table and chairs, then loaded the recliner and then computer. Lastly they loaded all of the clothes, boxes and James rifles.

   By the end of loading all of the items, there were boxes in the passenger floorboard, strapped to the roof of the truck and clothes behind the truck seat. The truck looked like the opening scene of the Beverly Hillbillies. 

James and Debra accomplished their objective, they were able to move all of the items in 1 trip. The truck was so heavy with all of the boxes and furniture, that they could not drive over 40 miles per hour.

   By the way, once they got back to Spartanburg with the tremendous load, James realized that two of the tires on the truck only had 2 lug nuts holding the tire onto the truck.


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