Wedding Day

Wedding day
   James and Debra were still working on the house, cleaning and straightening, on the day of the wedding. Work continued until about 2 hours before the wedding was scheduled to begin.

   Debra's sister Denise had made food for the wedding, her wedding gift to James and Debra.  Granny and Grandpa had borrowed chairs from their church as well as ferns from a friend of Granny's at Roebuck Greenhouses.

   Debra had gotten the preacher from church to perform the ceremony. James and Debra had moved all of James stuff from his apartment in Forest City a week before. James and Debra got married in the house with friends and family in attendance.

   Debra's best friend from high school, Ethie Kulling, wanted to assist with the wedding. Ethie had just completed a photography class at the local Technical college and wanted to gift the pictures from the event to Debra and James as a gift. Since James and Debra had spent all of their savings to put a down payment on the house and pay for renovations, this was a true blessing.

  Debra also had a friend from work that wanted to take video of the wedding, also as a gift to the couple. James and Debra were set- all of the preparations were made. 

   On the day of the wedding, Ethie was busy snapping pictures (35 mm- this was before digital pictures), she took pictures of everything from every angle. Finally after the ceremony and reception was winding down, James noticed that Ethie had not changed film rolls. So James asked how many rolls of film had she used during the event. It was at that time Ethie realized that she had been taking pictures for about 2 hours without film in the camera. Needless to say, we have no wedding pictures.

   But at least we have a video that was taken by Debra's work friend, Right?  Debra's friend took video of the entire wedding-facing into the light shinning through the window.... the video was nothing but a white out blur. So we have no video of the wedding either. But we have our memories and we have each other.

Moving James, Beverly Hillbillies style
A home together


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