James and Debra had been married for a few years and had decided to try to get pregnant. James had taken the birth control pills and thrown them in the trash. We were not actively trying to get pregnant, but we were not doing anything to prevent a baby either.
   Nana had some health issues and had come to live with us for a while. Debra was working full time, 12 hour shifts at a Spartanburg Regional, and working some overtime. James was still working at Cherokee Memorial Hospital in Gaffney (about 35 minutes away from our house). James was a supervisor and also was on call for the laboratory. James was working over 50 hours as week.

   Debra was home cooking dinner one night, not feeling well-just very tired. Debra had assumed that it was because of all of the hours that she had been working and trying to help Nana to and from Dialysis. James came home and immediately asked what was wrong with Debra. She told him that she was just tired. James said that Debra was pregnant, and was positive that we were expecting. Debra assured him that she was not pregnant, that she was not even late with my cycle.

   James had brought a pregnancy test home from the laboratory, he made Debra stop cooking and get a urine sample so that he could perform a pregnancy test. Debra gave him a urine sample and went back to cooking, knowing that James was mistaken and really did not give it a lot of thought.

   James comes into the kitchen a few minutes later with the pregnancy test, Debra assumed to show me the negative test. He was smiling from ear to ear- holding a positive test. So you see, James knew it first.

   Jarrod was born on October 4. James chose his delivery date, again based on our work schedule and our physician schedule. Jarrod was born on a Friday by planned C-section on a weekend that James was not scheduled to work.

   James came into the delivery room with Debra, carrying a camera to get all of the events on film. (this was before cell phones and video on your phones). James was so excited about the delivery and getting photos of the baby that the physician had to ask him to move out of the way because James was blocking the physicians light.

   The day after the delivery, James took the film to a photo store (you actually had to use film in the camera and get it developed- to see the photographs) to have the pictures developed. James did not warn the employee at the store of what was on the film. As the film was being developed, James could see the images of the birth and surgery appearing from the developing machine. The employee also saw the images and became a little green/sick with the surgery images that he saw.

Addition to the house


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