Addition to the house

   James and Debra had been married a few years, when they decided to add on to their house. James wanted a workshop and Debra wanted to have a carport. Like with all plans, they take on a life of their own, once created. When they were finished with the plans for the addition, they would have a 2 car garage, a workshop the size of a single garage, a mother-in-law bedroom and a family room over the garage. All in all they thought they needed to add a two story 30 by 30 addition.

   James and Debra hired the ground grading and leveling by one of our paramedic friends, David Silvey. David’s wife Michelle worked with Debra at the hospital in one of the laboratories that performed a special blood test that Debra would draw. This is how they met David, who worked at the Roebuck EMS station about a half mile from their house.

   David was a prankster and loved to get the best of people. One night, about two in the morning, James and Debra were sound asleep in their bedroom. All of a sudden the room was filled with red flashing lights and they heard a loud siren. David had pulled the ambulance into the front yard and had turned on the lights and sirens. When James went out to the yard, he found David standing beside the ambulance laughing and saying “good Morning”. Needless to say David scared Betty and Bobby to death. Bob called to see if everything was alright and see if we needed his help with anything.

   James hired the slab poured and we began construction on the addition in 1993. James, Grandpa and uncle Clyo did the majority of the hard work. James and Debra were able to complete all of the construction, electrical and roofing without hiring any professional help.

   Jarrod would drive around on his power wheels dump truck and pretend to be the building inspector. Jarrod would write out citations and hand the citations to anyone working on the project.

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