James and Debra decided to take a week and go to Gatlinburg Tennessee for their honeymoon. They traveled half way to Gatlenburg and spent the night, the next morning they decided to drive the rest of the way to Gattlenburg and get breakfast once they arrived.

   James was driving and took a wrong turn somewhere on the way. They traveled up the mountain and realized that they were not heading towards their destination. Running low on gas, they finally spotted a gas station and stopped for gas. James and Debra decided that tat they would not make it to Gatlenburg in time for breakfast, do James went into the store to get a snack and drink, while Debra finished pumping the gas. James returns to the car with a brown bad with the snack inside. As James drives off, he is so excited about the snacks that he had gotten from the station. Debra looks in the bag and sees blue coconut snowballs and a Mountain Dew. Debra does not eat coconut and does not like Mountain Dews. James had a wonderful breakfast eating both snowballs and having the entire Mountain Dew.

   James and Debra stayed in the middle of town in a rustic motel with a wood burning fireplace in the room. They has spent so much time on the renovations to the house, working until after midnight each day, that on their honeymoon they slept for 14 hours per day. James and Debra visited shops and went on walks during their honeymoon, but mostly they slept.

   On the way home, James was driving on highway 26 coming towards Spartanburg. Along the Saluda Grade, Debra notices a car in the opposite land that was stopped in the outside lane, then the car started backing up the interstate, not on the shoulder of the road but in the outside lane of the interstate. James slowed down and watched the scene unfold across the interstate.

   As they passed the car, James and Debra identified 3 people in the car, they all appeared to be looking at the road sign on their side of the road. As the car is backing up down the lane of the interstate, an 18 wheeler truck comes over the hill and runs directly into the backing up car. The truck pushed the car onto the shoulder and the car overturned several times, eventually catching fire and stopping on the guardrail. James drove us as quickly as he could to the next exit and called the police and fire department from a gas station. When James and Debra returned to the scene of the accident, other motorists had stopped to assist and there was nothing that could be done for the passangers in the car.




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