Will you marry me?

   James and Debra had been dating for 2 years. They started dating on April 9. and  were having a great time. James had insisted that he was in love with Debra and he knew that she was in love with him. James had never talked about  getting married. Debra was thinking that James just liked things the way they were and had no interest in things changing.

   Debra had mentioned marriage several times and James always seemed to change the subject. James would talk about the future with them being together, but marriage did not seem to be a priority.

   Debra had made a decision to break things off with James on our second anniversary since there did not seem to be a real future. Debra was living with Grandma and Grandpa and was not looking to stay there forever. James had an apartment in Forest City which was about an hour from Grandmas and Grandpas house.

   Nana (Alice), dads mother lived in North Carolina about 5 hours away. James had asked Debra, if she would go with him to his mothers house for a visit. It just so happened that the Saturday that they would be visiting was their 2nd dating anniversary.

   So Debra was going to wait until they got back home to break things off with James. They had a good visit with Nana on Friday night after they arrived, and went to bed sometime after midnight.

   On Saturday morning, Debra woke up smelling bacon coming from the kitchen. Nana was awake and cooking a lot of food (which she aways did whenever James visited). Debra cam down for breakfast still in her pajamas. James and Nana were in the kitchen both still in their pajamas too. When Debra walked in, both said good morning and then James said, “ I have something for you” and he handed Debra a ring box. Nana was grinning from ear to ear standing behind James.

   Debra stood there, thinking that it was just an anniversary gift. Then she opened the box, it was an engagement ring. Debra was unable to speak, she just started shaking, crying and waving her arms like a wild bird. James started laughing and said that he had never seen a “conniption fit” before.

   James never really asked, never got down on one knee and Debra never really said yes.  They got married the following December.  James chose the wedding date based on his work schedule. 

The American Dream
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