Easter Memories - This is where I hope I'll be someday.....

Jesus and Tyson


This is where I hope I’ll be someday – with my grandson Tyson who lived just a couple of days after he turned 5 yrs old and then returned to his Heavenly Father’s arms.  He was a special grandchild who blessed our lives so much and we were so happy we had him as long as we did.

I love this picture of Tyson with Jesus, I have it everywhere to remind me that someday I want to be where he is with our Savior, as well as being with my first daughter Shante who lived 3 hours and my twin Ruth who lived 2 days.  It makes me want to strive harder in my life seeking to live that I might be worthy to live with them all again forever. 

I would like to bear my testimony that the most important part of Easter is to remember our Savior.  I am so grateful for Him, for His life, His example, for His courage to face all that He had to do.  Without Him and His Atonement, there would be no hope of ever succeeding.  I know that even though I get discouraged at times, I know that He is with me and He knows my heart and He will help me through trying times.  I love Him and all of my family and will be excited to meet those that I’ve never had a chance to meet before.  I’m learning so much about my ancestors as I’m looking for stories to tell and share so that my children and grandchildren can learn from them.


On a lighter note - - -

Easter growing up in Moroni Utah was a great holiday.  When I was young, probably between 4 to 8 years of age, each year we would go to the Manti Temple which set high up on a hill.  (You can even see the temple lights from Moroni where I grew up – 21 miles away).

Picnic and the Temple.   We would get Easter eggs all colored and candy ready to go along with a picnic.  On the way to the Temple we would talk about Jesus and what he had done for us.  When we finally got to the Temple, we had such fun rolling our Easter eggs down the grassy hill.  When the Easter eggs were no longer good, we would roll our own bodies down the hill -- what a blast that was!  Family was always near to watch us so we didn’t get hurt, but sometimes somebody did get hurt.  As a result, the Temple finally had to put a stop to rolling the eggs down the large hill because it left such a mess and left the grounds looking terrible as well as children rolling down it and getting hurt. 

Manti Tempe

Saturdays were for the Easter Bunny – Sundays were saved for stories about Jesus.  When my children were growing up, we always had the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg hunt and all of the candy on Saturday.  On Sunday we went to church and learned about Jesus and listened to the beautiful songs that were sung and talks that were given in remembrance of our Savior and what he did for us.

I also made an Easterbook which tells about the stories of Jesus in the scriptures with pictures added.  (See below).

Click Here - Easter Story Part 1 - Scriptures & pictures of Christ (may take longer to open up)

Click Here - Easter Story Part 2 - Scriptures & pictures of Christ (may take longer to open up)


Click Here - 12 Days of Easter - Activity for children


Click Here - Stories and Activities for children or grandchildren

An Account of the Crucifixion

One Solitary Life

His Easter Gift

Easter Symbols

Easter Sunday Cookies


EASTER BASKET CLUTTER - One year, I got tired of Easter Baskets and the grass and the clutter to try to store them, so I made baskets for them which would lay flat with they were stored and were washable because they were made from fabric.  The girls were made out of some pink flowered material.  The boys were made out of jeans material.  They had a pocket on one side with their names on it and a handle that would lay flat on top of it when it was ready to be stored for the following years.  It was a square with rounded corners that would fold up using a large snap on each corner to make the shape of a basket.  I have pictures somewhere, but have not been able to locate them yet.  Hopefully I’ll find those soon.

New Easter clothes - Most of the time, everyone got new Sunday clothes for Easter.  When my children were smaller, I sewed a lot so some of these clothes were handmade.

KImberly 1972


1975 - Kimberly, Mom, Dad, Kristin, Adam



Eric, Kelsey, Adam, Kristin, Kim and Jared


1989 - Thought Eric had Appendicitis, but it was a false alarm.  He had them removed a couple of years later.


1996 - Kelsey surprised us and  played Easter Bunny this year surprising us with all the goodies



To see more pictures -  Click Here


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Tom Cormier (website) on Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:23

Such an incredible post here Karen. Great photos and perfectly arranged. Kudos!

Such an incredible post here Karen. Great photos and perfectly arranged. Kudos!