John Clarence Blackham History

(Uncle to Ernest LaMont Blackham – Siblings of Grandpa Ern)


John Clarencealt (Clair)  Blackham (my Great Uncle) was born to Samuel and Annie Blackham, September 22, 1895 in Moroni, Utah. He married Eulala Anne Justensen late in life at the age of 63 in Ruth, Nevada on December 14, 1957.

In Uncle Clair’s younger life, he herd sheep for many years.  After his father died his mother sold the sheep herd.  She didn’t want her boys to herd sheep anymore.  However, Uncle Clair herded sheep for Josiah Blackham and Andrew and Rodney Anderson for a good part of his life.

Uncle Clair excelled in sports, especially High School Basketball.  He was also an expert horse trainer.  He served his country in World War I as a mounted policeman. 

My Dad liked to ride horses and he said that Uncle Clair always provided a horse for him to ride.  He gave Dad several desert mustangs after he had broken them in.  Their names were Spider, Snap, Dixie, Ramona, Thunder and Snake. My Dad rode his horse and drove peoples’ cows to the pasture in the morning and brought them home at night during the summer months.  This was one way of earning some spending money.          

When Uncle Clair worked for my Dad later on in his life, I remember him coming to our house to talk to my dad about different jobs he had to work on that day on the turkey farm.  He also oversaw other hired help with the turkeys.  Sometimes when we had work to do with the turkeys, he would come to pick us up so we could get to the different herds to either de-beak them, or vaccinate them, or feed and water them.

A fun thing …. When we all saw him coming we raced towards him.  He always had quarters or a piece of candy in his pockets to give to us.  He was a kind man.  I remember when he got married and I was so happy for him that he now had a wife.


Grandpa Ern, Gus, Clair, Bill, Arthur, Johnny Mont, Boyd, LouAnn