The Easter Bunny Tale

When I was young we would always get a stuffed Easter Bunny for Easter.

We would all be dressed in our Easter bonnets and little purses and sometimes wear our white gloves as we got older. Mama would make a new dress if she had time.

When I was about 10 we finally got a real bunny for Easter. They were so cute and cuddly. Of course taking care of them went along with the gift and it was good training for any child, Sadly a neighborhood dog wandered into our yard months later and somehow got into the cage and killed the rabbits. We never asked again for a bunny rabbit as it was too painful.

Easter was a holy time for me as I grew older and could get a better picture of Christ rising from the dead. I love the smell of incense and palms. I still have a set of rosary beads in front of me every day, which helps guide my prayer. The statues of Mary and Jesus on the cross were part of our fabric growing up. I thank my parents for giving us the choice to believe in a higher power, to help guide us in knowing, right from wrong, good from evil.

Easter was a day to honor our Lord. I hope my children have seen me pray and have learned, that with his help, we can work through anything. A prayer gives you hope when there seems to be none in sight.

Happy Easter to all!

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