Think of a Few People Who Made You Feel Special

At the top of the list of a rew people who made me feel special are my new cousins.  I have met them here and there through my Genealogy work.  I have known three of my new cousins now for about 2-3 years.  But they all make me feel special.  They are all family.  M tells my Mom that she is so glad she met me.  And she tells me that I have helped her so much.  Even though I have been doing genealogy less years then she has.  She is alway there to listen to me.  I feel her caring in everything she does.  A is another new cousin.  We share a love of genealogy and a sense of purpose.  She, also, is a part of the family and I feel as though I have know her forever.  My third new cousin is a Clark Cousin.  She lives in the "warm" states.  Though she would love nothing better then to move back to NJ.  Except the weather is bad.  All these people I have known only a fraction of time.  But it seems like we have been family and known each other since birth.  I am very lucky to have them.  They make me feel great about my contributions to the family genealogy and they let me know that I am special to them in every conversation we have.

I have had more good relationships with my Genealogy friends and cousins then I can count.  It is a nice place to make friends and meet long lost cousins.  It is a great vocation and avocation.

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