My Keepsakes and Heirlooms Have Been Found on Ebay

My Burland Ancestors have had many things written about them.  I have found many of my heirlooms online at Ebay.  I had never thought that I would ever find anything about my ancestors online.  But, when I was online a couple of years ago, I googled Burland.  Imagine my surprise when I found a book that was a who's who of Canada.  I bought the book and read about my Great Grand Uncle George Bull Burland who owned the Burland Lithographic Company.  I started researching and found that the company had done the lithography in a lot of Canadian books and maps for the government.  Most of which are in museums now.  Or too expensive to purchase.  I found a map online at Christmas this year, it was a railroad map of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the connections from the states.  It was $12.00 and as the lady in the frame shop said, 'it is kind of ratty."  I could care less.  It would be the only time to buy a map from the Burland Litho Co.  from about 1879-1882.  I had it framed and it is beautiful.  b2ap3_thumbnail_burland-lithographic-railroad-map-002.jpg

From this to an archival repair and frame...............b2ap3_thumbnail_IMAG0965_20130404-054136_1.jpg

I love to see things that my Ancestors have made or written.  I like to show them to my Grandchildren.  But someday, I will donate the things that I have collected to various museums that are interested.  I feel it is my way of teaching my Grandchildren about their family and being able to give something back to the genealogy community, so others will be able to see the rich history of their world.

I have collected a lot of beautiful things.  Mostly books, which I absolutely cannot live without.  I would like to share these things a little at a time.  As it is not as much fun to possess things as it is to share them. 

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