When presenting the Legacy Matters Program most people will see the enormous value propostiion to secure an honored place in family history for under $100. It's an offer they almost can't refuse. But, if that's not enough to entice them consider partnering with a local library or history museum. Let the director know you represent the Living Legacy Project, a global initiative to save the living history of the 20th century with oral histories of local citizens. Tell them you are the Project's local Certified Legacy Advisor and that you'd like to arrange for a section of the library to store the collection of the archival DVDs as part of community history.

Taking a community history approach localizes the effort and will gain support from other organizations. You'll need to work with the library or museum to develop a cataloging system which they can adopt easily. This may entail a submission form of some kind with each DVD. This form may need certain information such as:

  • Name and current address of citizen
  • Catalog number
  • Date of submission
  • Name of CLA
  • Title of each talking photo, etc.

A sample form can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of thse section and modified to suit.

At this time we are only burning the raw photo and audio files to the DVD and not creating a video movie slideshow of the two files combined like they appear on the website. Depending on the opportunty presented you may wish to create the full slide show but this is normally an extra charge. The audio and photo files should be named to match each other so they can easily be seen together, even if calling up the photo then calling up the audio manually together.

When partnering with a local library or museum the citizen has the added incentive to have his or her legacy preserved in perpetuity as part of community history. Sometimes this is more important to the citizen than preserving it for his or her family.

A perfect example of this occurred in 1986 when then Governor of Tennessee, Lamar Alexander, launched an initiative called, "Tennessee Homecoming". He asked citizens from every neighborhood to bring 1 or 2 vintage family photos down to the city hall so they could be included in a community heritage book. He was amazed at the response as nobody wanted to be left out of the history books.

This is a similar program only on steroids. Now citizens can not only have their legacy preserved as part of the public record but they also receive an archival DVD for themselves and their story can be shared by the greater community. Yes, the project is funded by each individual paying for his or her own recordings but so did the citizens in the Homecoming project as they all purchased one or more of the books at over $79 each. So, don't feel awkward explaining how the project is funded. People will often gladly want to make their own personal and financial contributions.

Positioning the Legacy Matters Program as a community effort can gain so much more publicity, allow you to explain it in groups and engages the entire community. It's even possible to acquire corporate sponsorships to pay for those who can't afford it themselves. In all cases you are paid to do this meaningful work and the community benefits by saving it's own living history, one citizen at a time.

Strongly consider taking this approach. You'll find the local library or museum excited to be part of the project and it gives you the added "purpose" and credibility when speaking to families and groups.


If working with seniors in independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care facilities is your preference we have developed a fantastic program for this. This environment requires basic knowledge of HIPAA regulations and communicating with directors on a different level wo have different motivations and incentives. 

The program solves the emotional trauma families face when placing their loved one in a facility. There are virtually no resident transition programs in the marketplace which is why the Legacy Matters Welcome Program is so well received.

It takes a bit more upfront work on your part. However, once set up and established, you will be called to produce a Legacy Matters Program for each new resident entering the facility and likely result in conducting Programs for all existing residents. All this is paid for by the facility in advance. This is a very exciting program and is being embraced by senior care firms and their families emphatically.

Participating in this program requires completion of an additional free certification course plus a $25 felony background check. The course will require about 2 hours of your time and includes the entire step-by-step process. We need thousands of CLAs to service this industry as demand will grow exponentially as more facilities adopt the program. Once completing the program we will contact your local senior living facilities to set up your appointment if you don't aready know someone.

Don't take this opportunity lightly as it can produce a never ending flow of high quality business for you. You'll be working directly with the family who will most likely appreciate the opportunity to pay for regular visits to their loved one beyond the initial Program. If you are interested in being certified for the Legacy Matters Welcome Program please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll send you the link to begin the course.

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