Seeing is Believing

lula gregory flynn

Seeing is Believing


                In the late afternoon of a hot summer day, a friend and I were enjoying the shade of a huge oak tree while we watched the heavy traffic speed along the highway.  We were absorbed in busy conversation when we noticed a car reducing its speed as if it was going to stop.  To our amazement the car just slowed down enough to set a basket just off the pavement.

                Our conversation turned to a different nature.  We begin to wonder what was in the basket.  Finally, our curiosity got the better of us and I suggested that we go see what was in the basket.  Could it be an unwanted child?  The situation became more complicated all the time.  As we walked along, we felt as if all the motorist knew exactly what was on our minds.  Each step brought us a little nearer to the basket.  Suddenly, we saw the papers which covered the basket move or could it be our imaginations working over time?  All this did not help to solve our problem because we could not see what was under the papers.  As we drew nearer a very foul odor come to our nostrils or could this be more imagination or was it a reality?  Slowly, we walked pass the basket holding our noses.  None of these proceedings told us anything.  We decided to retrace our steps.  We just had to solve this mystery.  With weak and trembling knees, we started toward the basket.  Oh, the paper moved again!  Finally, we picked up enough courage to lean over and raise the paper and take a peep.  It was unbelievable what we saw, so cold and wet laying there in the basket, I-C-E.


By: Lula Gregory Flynn



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