My First Fish

lula gregory flynn

My First Fish


                Spring was bursting out all over the place.  The Redbuds, dogwood and Apple trees bore witness to this fact.  I began to get in the swing of things, too.

                The urge to go fishing was uppermost in my mind.  I knew I would need fish bait so I hurried off with a spade and can and found worms for the occasion.  This task completed I hunted fishing hooks and canes for my fishing party.  Away we went to the river.  It was a bumpy ride, but we finally got to the river and found holes of water that seemed to be filled with fish.

                I found a comfortable perch on a big tree root and lowered my line into the water.  The hook hardly hit the water when snap a fish had latched onto the hook.  I gave a tremendous tug on my pole and out came a fish, an honest to goodness fish.  I yelled to the top of my lungs, “A fish. I caught one.  Oh, Mama, see my fish, my first fish.”

                I took off through the bushes tramping the tender May apple plants as I ran with the fish clutched tightly in one hand and my fishing pole in the other hand.  There seemed to be a song in my heart something like this, “Oh, happy day that caused fish to grow in the big rivers.”  “Oh, Mama, Mama see my big fish!”  After I realized I carried on like a maniac, I gained my composure and decided to measure my fish.  I discovered I had not caught a whale, but I had caught an honest to goodness fish that measured the great length of 6 inches.


By: Lula Gregory Flynn



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