The Claws that I Shall Never Forget

Lula Gregory Flynn and Siblings

The Claws that I Shall Never Forget


Many years ago I lived in a little log cabin under a large maple tree.  It was on a little mountain road where all the travelers had to pass, and they would stop to rest under the maple tree.  I had a very peculiar fascination for strangers, but I think it was due to the fact that they were very generous with their bright copper coins.  It was in this manner that I had accumulated much wealth, sixty five cents.

            One night as we were gathered around the fire I got my bank, a small tin salve box, and started to show the family my treasure.  When I was removing the lid of my bank the coins scattered to the four corners of the house.  Several rolled in a hole in the floor.  This brought tears to my eyes.  I went to this hole; put my fingers into get the coppers in my possessions again.  No sooner had I put my fingers in than a pair of claws, or teeth seized them.  It was at this moment the tears came to the surface.  My father thought that I was crying because I had lost my money.  So he put his fingers into get the money.  When he had done so, he was seized by the same monster.  There was no need to tell him to withdraw his fingers, because he thought they had been bitten by a snake.

            All these scratched and bleeding fingers excited the rest of the family, so my sister came to our rescue, she then put her fingers in, because she thought that the third one would win.  Now it was her turn to have her fingers come in contact with the claws.  Our efforts were all in vain.  I had to loose all those precious coppers, but never shall I forget the claws of the cat.


By: Lula Gregory Flynn


Seeing is Believing


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