Opportunities Library

Opportunities Resource Library

In this library you will find previeously recorded webinars with a focus on opportunities to generate income for as a result of new strategic partnerships, website enhancements, new product development and programs. 

The majority of these webinars become quickly outdated and are not recorded. Some are converted into actual programs which would be accessed in the Products and Programs component of your main Resource Library. We will continue to build this library so be sure to check back often, especially if you missed any of the webinars. 

Home Care Opportunity- Learn how to put yourself in the center of the fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy, right where people start thinking about their legacy. 

Revised Certified Legacy Planner Training- This webinar proved to be more useful than originally intended and wa must to view. 

Working With Funeral Homes- Learn how to work with funeral homes and pre-need consultants to generate business for you.

LegacyStories Upgrade- See the new features and how you can generate new business and revenue. 

Digital Time Capsules- Look for a step by step program to be installed in the coming weeks. For now view the webinar to learn how they can work for you.

Launching a Faith Based Pict-Oral History Project- Learn about a pilot program started by Pat White to engage her Broad Street Methodist Church in their Pict-Oral History Project. 

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