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The Living Legacy Project (LLP) presentation is one of the most exciting ways to find new clients and become an authority in your community. The presentation is designed to bring legacy awareness and education to friends, family, organizations and groups and can be delivered by seasoned public speakers or those who avoid speaking in public like the plague. The goal is to lead those in attendance to take their first action step, create a Pict-Oral Memoirtm vignette.

We have created an outline to get the most out of these presentations in only 20 minutes. For those who enjoy public speaking you can simply play the Powerpoint and integrate the video segments. Public speaking is not for everyone. So, we've created a video version that follows the same Powerpoint slide by slide as if you were making a perfect presentation, except the narrator is Co-Founder, Tom Cormier. 

To fully grasp the "Hows" and "Whys" of the presentation please view this 40-minuted recorded webinar. Everything you need for a successful presentation will be found below the video.

Click on the X in the lower right corner of the player to view in full screen mode.


If you choose the video version you'll still need to do the introduction and the wrap up live. Those segments are shown to you here in Powerpoint slides, making it easy for anyone to confidently deliver the Living Legacy Project presentation. 

In both cases, we guide you through the presentation with the tools listed below which includes:

  • Presentation video 
  • Presentation Powerpoint (with verbatim script to match the video version shown under each slide)
  • MS Word verbatim script (complete to match the Powerpoint for the live version and to use for the introduction and wrap up for the video version. Commit to memory, create your own bullet points or modify to suit your own personality.)

The presentation takes into account the time constraints that may be placed upon you depending on the group. For example, most community service groups like Rotary or Kiwanis, give the presenter 20 minutes to deliver the message with an additional 5 minutes for Q&A. They usually adhere closely to those time constraints so it's important to get the most out of the limited time allowed. This is what makes the presentation so effective.

By following the script you can be assured all of the key selling elements will be included in a tightly limited time frame. Of course, the more time you have the more you can embellish for effect.  


In keeping with the mission of the Living Legacy Project, our primary goal is to inform and engage people to start saving their life stories for the benefit of future generations. We also want to acquire new clients which starts with the Legacy Matters Program. Everything in the presentation is geared to lead to this conclusion and if you follow the guidelines carefully, AND FOLLOW UP, your business will flourish. 


When presenting with the live version (Powerpoint only, not the video version) you will need all of the components listed below and have them readily available on your desktop. If using the video version you won't need the LIVE PRESENTATION POWERPOINT VIDEOS to be inserted into the slides, as these are already built into the presentation. However, it's a good thing to have all components available. You will need some of them regardless of your approach.


Take the next 20 minutes to view the main presentation video followed by the Wrap Up video to be used only as a guide. 


During the Wrap Up video, in the gift certificate section, you'll see slides relating to custom branding on the DVD jewel case. Of course, if the group is not business-oriented this would not be necessary and would delete those slides.



The Download button is found under the video player. Click Download, then right click on any of the mp4 files and Save Link As to your desktop. If you are not presenting with the video version you will still need to view the videos to see how the presentation flows. If you are presenting with the video version you should not play the Wrap up video. But, you can view the Wrap Up video above to hear how it flows. In both cases you would use the verbatim script as your guide for the closing. 

Legacy Matters Presentation Video


Click on the blue links to download each of these files 

Living Legacy Project Powerpoint Presentation - (with notes and closing slides. For the live presentation the embedded videos would appear on obvious slides. If you don't embed the videos and prefer to play them directly from your computer, just delete those slides)

Living Legacy Project Powerpoint Presentation

LLP Presentation Verbatim Script

Resource Inventory Handout


Use these video segments when you are the narrator versus using the "founder-narrated" video version. In this case you would be using the Powerpoint for the entire presentation and will see the slides where a video is to be inserted or called up from your desktop. View the Presentation Video above if you have any doubt about which video is to be played in the correct place. The videos in this list are in the correct sequence to match the Powerpoint.

Living Legacy Project Video

Personal Treasures Video Site Tour Video


You must know in advance the technology that will be available to you at the venue. You will not need internet for these presentations but you will need a projector & screen or a large screen TV, and decent audio sufficient to cover the room without distortion or insufficient volume. Groups that regularly have guest speakers will provide this in most cases.

Eve if they say the equipment is available you still must visit the venue in advance to make sure your cables work with the projector and that you physically see the Powerpoint and/or the video on the screen and hear the audio clearly. If this is unavailable or insufficient you should bring your own equipment or work with your CLA team to muster up the components from associates or colleagues. 

Because the presentation is emotionally-driven and the pict-oral narratives are the key to the programs, multimedia must be available or you may fall short of a successful presentation. This is not to say that an experienced speaker can't make up for the lack of multimedia. Remember, facts tell but stories sell. A good story teller can do amazing things with an audience. 

However, since most people are not professional speakers who can command the room regardless of content, this is designed as a multimedia presentation. 


Basic Presentation Outline:

  1. Before the meeting each table setting should have the following collateral:
    1. Resource inventory Handout
    2. Your business card. (keep your brochure out of the mix for now as it will only confuse them with too many logos and entities. You'll be able to hand this out at the end. Keep them focused specifically on the LLP and the associated topics within the presentation for now. 
  2. Thank the person who introduced you and also the audience for their attention, etc.
  3. Tell a personal story- 3 MINUTES MAXIMUM! It's always best to warm up the audience with a personal story. However, you won't have time for this when the situation limits you to a 20-minute presentation. Every minute will count in that case. If you have time to tell your story be sure you have practiced ahead of time to know you can deliver it well within the 3-minute maximum time frame. 
  4. Body of the presentation-
    1. If you are presenting the live version have the Powerpoint already displaying the opening slide of the Powerpoint. 
    2. If using the video version you should have the video queued up and the Powerpoint minimized and already positioned to the Wrap Up slide (18).
      1. Set up the video by saying something like: "The founders of the Living Legacy Project have helped us to deliver their message better than I could so I am going to play this 17 minute video then we'll talk right after. Sit back and enjoy this presentation. Co-founder, Tom Cormier, is the narrator. Thanks." 
  5. During the presentation there is a slide entitled, "Resource Inventory". Having a hard copy of this checklist will put a tangible "gift" in their hands and make them acutely aware that these items all need to be addressed at some point or another during the legacy process, which will make it easier to transition into the service you want to provide or refer them to. 
  6. During the website video segment of the presentation there will only be music playing. This is your chance to embellish the features as they are shown. You have the microphone and this will put a "live" feel into the recording. Have fun during this part. If time allows you can pause the video to hone in on a feature that may be more important to your particular audience. 
  7. After the video version ends or on the obvious slide in the live version it's time to wrap it up. The sale has already been made during the presentation. They have been made aware that:
    1. Legacy is important
    2. They possess an enormous treasure to be passed down
    3. They alone are responsible or it will be lost
    4. They can get started with a simple 'taste" or "bite" at the legacy process for only a small investment of time and money.
  8. The video version will have ended and so now you would call up the Powerpoint which should display the I-ASK slide if you prepared properly. The live version would simply continue on with the normal slide sequence.  
  9. I-ASK Slide-Establish credibility by talking about  I-ASK (Use the verbatim script as your guide here. If you are limited to 20 minutes you will need to breeze quickly through the wrap up slides and won't be able to use the entire script as written)
  10. Legacy Talks slide- Your chance to let them know you can make these presentation to all kinds of groups. 
  11. Gift Certificates slide- You decide the discount, if any
  12. Drawing for the LM Program- You decide how many, if any, to give away in a drawing
  13. Thank the host and audience
  14. Follow up immediately while they are most motivated. Plan to make contact with EVERY attendee within 24 hours. Otherwise, life will get in the way and their motivation will dissipate as we all know too well. 


After you've finished your presentation there will hopefully be a period of personal interaction where you can exchange cards and speak with those most interested. Of course, with any group meeting, after adjourning the members tend to mingle and slowly exit. You may find it difficult to personally shake each person's hand before they leave. So, it's imperative to follow up within 24 hours to guage their interest level and set appointments. 

Ask the moderator or group leader for his or her thoughts about the presentation. If positive, you should ask if he or she would like you to come back or perhaps refer you to other groups to do the same. 

The more of these presentations you do the more comfortable and confident you'll become. Once you "own" the presentation there is no end to the groups that would love to know about legacy.

The Legacy Talks "host-driven" program follows the same format with only a few minor differences.

  1. Instead of playing the Pict-Oral History sampler video, you'd be playing the host's entire 5 talking photos so that their invited friends and family can experience the actual program and its benefits first hand.
  2. You will have a greater chance to sell gift certificates
  3. There will likely be others in the room who will want to host their own Legacy Talks
  4. There is a good chance someone in the room will want to learn how to become a CLA to do the same.

Either way you decide to make the Living Legacy Project's presentation, there is a lot to be gained by doing so. Now you have the tools to make it easier to present, whether a seasoned speaker or even a total novice. Who knows if after delivering a few with the video version you'll feel confident enough to present with the live version and become a seasoned speaker in your own right.

With this tool in your hands you should return to the CLA Course and review Lesson 6 for Marketing. Revisit the part about establishing your own network and the downloadable form to see the group categories you may want to approach or that you may know someone who to speak to.

The bottom line is to to take an action and you will receive a reaction in kind. That reaction will almost always be positive for building your client base. But you must take action first.

To view the Legacy Talks "host-generated" Program click HERE.  

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