Family Home Evening - VIP Story Recording

As a companion to the Ward Legacy Project ( > FamilySearch Tab > Ward History Project) a unique Family Home Evening has been developed.  Over time, each member of the family will have a series of stories displaying life lessons and values.  One family member becomes the VIP (Very Important Person) and chooses the dessert, the story subject, and then records up to 3 minutes of narrative to describe a photo that goes along with the story.  This can be done with the LegacyStories App for iPad, iPhone, or SmartPhone (Android).  The story is then uploaded into the person's FREE! account.  From here it can be shared with any Social Network or with itself!

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The following week's Family Home Evening reveals the finished pict-oral as it is played for the family.  Either the same person or a different person then becomes the VIP (family choice) then records their story or experience.  These stories are preserved in the library online.  In this way, we preserve the past, enhance the present, and inspire the future as important "Defining moment" stories are captured.

To download the complete VIP Family Home Evening instructions, click FHE-Lesson--VIP.pdf

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