Florida and marbles

When Dennis was in Kindergarten we lived in a trailer park in Florida.  I played with a little girl that had "Shirley Temple" curls.  Oh how I wanted curly hair.  Everyday her Mom would comb out each curl one at a time.  I used to think how fun that must be.  I had straight hair.

After lunch the same little girl had to take a nap and she would argue with her Mom but she always had to take a nap anyway.

I went home and asked my Mom to tell me to when it was time to take a nap.  The first time my Mom told me it was time to take a nap I said: "Do I have to?".  Her response was "no". I don't know what I thought would happen but I think I wanted to know that she cared about me.

When Dennis got home from school we were allowed to play.  I think it was during this time that we traded all of our toys for marbles.  When Mom found out she made us give back the marbles.


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