Once in a while my Dad would take us for a visit to Chick's house.  They had a concrete back patio that had a 2" lip all the way around the outside edges. In the winter Chick would fill it with water and the kids could ice skate on it. We also played Monopoly for hours at their house.

Sometimes Mom would take me over the Uncle John and Aunt Rita's house to stay for the weekend. My cousins Sue Ann, and Betty and I would play Monopoly a lot.  Aunt Rita also took Betty and I to the Public Swimming Pool.  I got to wear my locker key around my ankle.  Sue Ann didn't usually go to the pool because she would be out on a date or at a school function.  She was so pretty.  I always wanted to be like her.

Dennis and I would play Monopoly for days.  At the end of the day we would cover up the game with a sheet and start again in the morning.  Even as adults we played but now we had children to play with as well.

Kindergarten and First Grade
Red Roosters


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