After School Fun

We lived in Florida in another trailer park when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  After school we played King of the Mountain, Cops and Robbers, Hide and Seek.  We stayed out until it started to get dark. One of the teenage girls in the park referred to her parents as Sir and Mam.  I admired her for that. 

The alligators would come up at night and sleep in the grass by one of the coaches nearest to the ditch.  We were not allowed to go down there.

After it rained Dennis and I would walk around and catch the itty bitty frogs that always came out from who knows where. They were so cute but didn't live very long. The dirt roads would become like clay and could be molded into all kinds of shapes. We also caught fire flies in the evening when they were out. Dennis and I always seemed to find something to do outside.  Perhaps this was because the trailers were usually small.

It was in this home that Mom tried to get me to drink warm milk.  I refused and sat at the table for a long time until chocolate was added to my milk.  Only then did the warm milk become drinkable.  To this day I only drink ice cold milk.

Blessed as a Child
Florida and marbles


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