Early Signs of Dementia: Things You Need to Know

Dementia denotes a group of symptoms which affect memory, thoughts, and communication. Dementia typically impacts older adults and occurs due to damaged brain cells that are not able to communicate effectively with each other. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common reason for dementia, accounting for around 60 to 80 percent of cases, yet memory loss is not the only symptom of dementia.

If any older adult you know is experiencing any dementia symptoms, it can be an alarming situation. Here is a list of early signs of dementia you can follow:

Memory Loss

One of the most common signs of dementia is that your loved one may not remember recent incidences, such as what they ate in the morning or where they have kept their things. These are the symptoms of short term memory loss.

Problem with Words

It may be problematic for them to find the right word in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes, they cannot call things by their correct names.

Mood Swings

Dementia can affect the judgment of a person and can make them feel irritated, fearful, and anxious. Constant mood swings may become a common occurrence.

Trouble Handling Complex Tasks

People with dementia may face challenges in completing everyday tasks which involve motor skills and complexity. For example, driving to a specific place or playing a game which has a lot of rules.

Emotional Isolation

In the early stages of illness, people often lose interest in their hobbies. They may not want to go out and spend time with friends or family. Eventually, they can become emotionally secluded.


With faded memory and clouded judgment, dementia can trigger confusion in your loved ones’ mind. They may find it difficult to understand simple things, such as how they reached a particular place, or why they are there.

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