Christmas Activities for Seniors with Alzheimer's

Christmas is a special holiday that everyone wants to celebrate. Nobody wants to miss out on the fun, including seniors who have Alzheimer's disease.

Here are some exciting Christmas activities you can do to make the holidays more fun.

Engage Them in Gift-Wrapping

Wrapping gifts is a soothing activity for seniors with Alzheimer’s. It could trigger their childhood memories or can make them remember the times they wrapped gifts for their children and grandchildren. It can also boost their overall mood and wellbeing.

Pay a visit to a Botanical Garden

Going for a walk in a botanical garden is an excellent way to keep your loved ones physically active. If they can involve themselves in some social activity while they are in the garden, it will also increase their cognitive functioning and mental alertness.

Sing-Along Christmas Songs

Singing reduces stress and helps you connect and bond with others. Seniors with Alzheimer’s often become confused, agitated, and overwhelmed when they are unable to communicate with their caregivers. Listening and singing along gentle Christmas tunes will calm them and will help them refocus.

Host a Christmas Dinner

Another great way to make your loved one’s Christmas fun is by letting them host a Christmas dinner. You can decorate your home with Christmas trees, garlands, centerpieces, etc., and invite all of your family over for dinner. Make sure you include them in the preparation of the holiday meals.

Even though these Christmas-themed activities are fun and promote the happiness of seniors, many seniors may have difficulties in performing these tasks. However, it is possible to improve their quality of life with the help of our in-home care services. To hire a professionally trained caregiver specialized in Alzheimer’s care, call Newport Home Care at (949) 514-8303 today!

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