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The Red Girl

It was the year 1996, principal came to address the class and he also introduce a new comer . We completed a year in the school though it was not easy not for us but for the school to handle 30 notorious first timers in school . But they did it very well because we were the first timers not them they already handled many like us before but our batch was special as it was for the first time 30 out off thirty were boys . Now here comes the first lady of the class which Principal introduced . No one was happy as they do not want to give their seat to a new comer and the available seats are 30 only . Here comes the savior our helping guard with a stool(a small wooden round table ) and she managed  to seat on the stool . At "4" every child is cute but this new school mate topped every one with the red chicks not painted but natural . We never saw any one in our locality like her and it was obvious as she came all the way from heaven of India Kashmir . She was a migrant , in those days due to a massacre  in Kashmir many got migrated and her family was one of them . She came with her mother to our city her father got killed while escaping from there . All these stories was roaming in all the floors of the school along with tvs showing there struggle in Kashmir but we were having only one problem who has to sacrifice his seat . And there comes the teacher every body hated except me though I hated every other teacher but not him . He was our Mathematics teacher the only subject which gave me full marks . Guess what girls are generally weak in Mathematics do not take it personally may be  I have not met one . So who has to take the responsibility of the red girl , and bring her to the same page with the class obviously......... not me guys ,  the teacher will decide . And he gave this responsibility to himself , what what is happening why he is giving extra time to that red girl only and not the other students , there are many who are also weak this was not us who were asking these were questions from parents . Then this extra class shifted to me , and the red girl became more red  after hearing that the guy who gets scolded in almost every class will teach her of course  she was not studying with us previous year otherwise she would  not have tough the same, this was my feeling but my friend told she would have thought the same buddy . 


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