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How the Legacy Stories App Works

How to download and install the free IOS app

There are two ways to download and install the IOS app for iPhones and iPads. In both cases you must be on your device. If you are viewing this from your iPhone or iPad simply tap on the logo below and you will be taken to the iTunes App Store. If not, when on your device, go to the iTunes App Store and search for Legacy Stories.  

Create Pict-Oral Audios

You can preserve vintage family photos then record the story that made them special. We call these Pict-Oral Audios.

After uploading the recordings to your free LegacyStories.org account, you can organize collections of life stages, milestone events or special people that impacted your life.

Pict-Oral Audios are the most efficient way to document life stories because most of our defining moments have already been captured in photos. They only need you to make them memorable for generations. 

Start making Pict-Oral Audios today. From your mobile device, search for Legacy Stories in iTunes App Store and get the app now! Time's a wasting!

Create a free LegacyStories.org account to upload and share!