5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Room

“Hey, are you home? I’m near your residence so I’ll be coming over in an hour…”

These words are enough to trigger panic attacks if your room is messy and smelly. The horrific thoughts, such as “what will my guests think about me” or “will they detect my laziness,” can get difficult for you to handle in such times. Thus, if you have received such a call and are wondering how to de-clutter your room in an hour, we have got you covered here. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned five steps to clean your room quickly:

Get Rid of Distractions

Cancel all your appointments and free yourself from all the distractions on your mind. Doing so will help you clean your room better and comfortably. Thus, if you have to meet your friend, reschedule it some other day. If you have an essay to submit shortly, hire Dissertation Writers UK to do the job for you. The Essay Writing professionals at a credible forum will take full responsibility for writing a qualitative essay for you and that too at a reasonable price.

 In short, get rid of all other tensions and then proceed towards the room cleaning spree.

Pick Up Major Trash

If you are not habitual of putting things in order, the chances are that your room contains plastic bottles and wraps, dirty utensils and clothes, and scattered stationery. Therefore, if someone enters your room, they will see nothing but a huge pile of garbage lying everywhere across the room. To avoid such an occurrence, you must first remove the trash from the scene.

Simply, get a garbage bag and start stuffing in plastic waste and other unused items. Next, you must collect and stuff all utensils in the kitchen sink.

Make Your Bed

After getting rid of the major trash, you should make your bed. Get clean sheets and as a tip, you can use the dirty one to stack in your undone laundry. Next, get cushions and pillows to add a sophisticated touch to your bed. Also, you must remove all unnecessary items from the side table and use the space to display your favourite books.

Scrub Visible Areas

Since you do not have time to vacuum your room, you must scrub visible areas to get rid of dirt and other clutter. In fact, you can skip scrubbing the floor below the furniture or under the carpet; however, you must clean the corners and the centre of the room at all costs. To make this process even simpler, you can get a wet sock on your hand to quickly wipe and clean the surfaces.   

Clean the Table

If you have a study table in your room, organising it can contribute to your overall room cleaning. In this connection, you must sort all your stationery in a box, stack all your books in the rack, and place all your gadgets in an organised fashion.

If you want to take this table cleaning a step further, you can place complementary accessories, such as a potted plant or photo frames, on the table for an extra refined touch. Next, you should spot and clean any dust on the table to complete the cleaning process.

In this manner, you can clean your room in five simple yet effective steps. Once you have completed these, use an air freshener to get rid of any pungent smell in your room.

After covering all fronts, immediately get in the shower so that you can get ready by the time your guests arrive.

Good luck and have fun!

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