Dear Diary.... June 13th, 1964 and the Beatles concert.

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE The Beatles concert last night was fantabulous !!!! We all wagged school yesterday (12th June) to stand in the crowd outside the Adelaide Town Hall, in our school uniforms, where they were welcomed to Adelaide by the Lord Mayor and Bob Francis who...
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Grade School Gun-Slinger

I was seven years old.  My family and I were living in the fifth house we had occupied since I came as its sixth and last member.   The house, located on the Thomas Long Oil Lease, east of Drumright OK had been built as a temporary, “company” house for oil field...
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My Seventeenth Summer

The summer of 1959 began with my graduation from Farragut High School, one of 53.  I had many memorable events to enjoy, among them presenting a solo piano recital in May, and receiving many good wishes and in that day many graduation gifts.  The church members were very generous.  The money gifts were...
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Studebaker Lark- My Teenage Identity

Studebaker Lark- My Teenage Identity
For whatever reason I have no memory of how I came to own a Studebaker Lark. It was my very first personally-owned vehicle. I'm sure it didn't run well because I would've had very little money to support it in high school. What I do remember is that the front seats...
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Growing up in the Depression Years

Growing up in the Depression Years
M y early childhood was unusual at best. I can remember my two sisters and my mother and living in a large house with Grandparents. My Father deserted us soon after I was born. I was told the story when I had grown to an age of understanding the facts of...
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A Depression Kid Goes to School

I entered First Grade in September of 1937.  I skipped Kindergarten.   Not because I was precocious.  Such an educational luxury wasn’t offered by Drumright’s schools.   The Board of Education apparently didn’t favor naming schools in honor of presidents or heroes.  They just named them according to where they were located in...
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Protecting No Matter the Cost

What if I told you that tomorrow morning, between four and five o'clock, you must run to your next door neighbor's house and kill everyone inside? Would you do it?  Keep in mind that, earlier, you would have taken an oath to protect, and you have no choice but to obey the...
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Nursing, My First Career

Nursing, My First Career
Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I commenced my nursing training a few months before I turned 17, when I left home and moved into the Nurses Home at the Repatriation General Hospital at Daw Park, a suburb of Adelaide. There were 12 of us in our Preliminary...
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Fontana Dam

"I was eight-teen years and three months old when I was drafted into the army. I was working with my dad and George (brother) at   TVA building the Fontana Dam."
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Old entries from a previous diary

These entries from June 4, 1993 to December 16, 1994 are from the first diary program I started and have been transferred here.  It was a copy and paste so there are some funny line breaks and other things.



The girls are in bed and Dee is working.  The new shift is hard to get used to.  She   

         works 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday from 7p.m. to 7a.m.          

              The house at Degonia is filling up with our stuff.  We are       

         going to try to be there next week.  This may be one of the last      

         entries made here on Edgewood.  It should be a pleasant change for    

         us over there.  More private, fenced yard (yet to do), and a large    

         garage for me.


                      SATURDAY JUN 12,1993 12:47AM - QUIET NIGHT               


              We have been moving all week whenever possible.  We can          

         usually get two loads a night.  Dee get home in the morning and the   

         girls are going to the farm.  Dee goes to bed for a while and I'll    

         move some more.                                                    

              The library and my room are just about moved as well as the      

         stuff in the basement.  If I can get Monday and Tuesday off we can    

         be in by Tuesday night or Monday night with luck.                  

              The Family tree from Cumberland is the best I have found yet,    

         and I plan to register soon for the professional version.  I'll       

         work on the tree some more at the new place and when I get more               information.  I need to add in the first cousins and write them for   


              The girls got a kick out of listening to my music while ago.     

         Some of it they enjoyed and some they wanted to skip, but they both   

         seem to have a good sense of rhythm.


SATURDAY JUN 19,1993 10:23PM - MOVED AT LAST              


              At last!!!  The first entry from the new home at Degonia.        

         Though really the older home that is Dee's old home place.  We        

         moved the necessary stuff Monday and Tuesday and spent the first      

         night here Tuesday.                                               

              Had to quit going to the lawnmower shop to work.  The old        

         Carpal Tunnel hands and arthritis elbow got to acting up so bad it    

         affected the work, not to mention my comfort.  I enjoyed the work     

         and money though and maybe sometime can go back if I can do it and    

         they need the help.                                                 

              Pa-Paw and Dee found a horse for the girls.  A kind of brindle color Arabian that has not been well taken care of.  (Be back in a minute.  Got to take the dogs out.)  He needs some feed and 

         attention which will be provided in abundance now.                

              The main job now is to get the Edgewood place ready to sell.     

         It shouldn't be too bad.  Well not near as bad as this place was      

         with the three coats of paint to cover, the out dated electricity     

         and plumbing, and just plain behind the times.  But every one has     

         their likes about decorating.  


FRIDAY JUN 25,1993 11:13PM - A WEEK IN THE NEW PLACE          


              Well, it's what the title says.  I guess we are considered       

         moved in, but we are far from unpacked or moved out of the old        

         place.  The girls are in bed and will get up early to go to the       

         farm.  Dee comes home about 8:00 and will want to get to sleep        

         until about 4:00.  I'll move some more from Edgewood.  Just to        

         clean out the kitchen and the upstairs is done.                   

              Nothing else for tonight   


THURSDAY JUL  1,1993 11:47PM - A NEW FENCE               


              We now have a 5 feet tall chain link fence around the yard.      

         It was put up Thursday by a crew from Builder's Square.  This will    

         help keep the yard safe for the girls and dogs.  And I don't have     

         to take the dogs out on a leash any more.  I'm going to try to get    

         the old place (Edgewood) done as soon as possible now.  I just want   

         to get out, moved, unpacked, and settled.                           

              The date here is not right.  This is being written on the next   

         day.  I'll close now since there is no more else and change the       

         date on the machine.  


SATURDAY JUL 17,1993 10:45PM - A QUIET FRIDAY NIGHT          


              A usual Friday night.  One of these days I'll get these times    

         and date of the entries right.  This is the right date but the time   

         is an hour fast.                                                   

              Nothing new to report.  Don't you wish your life was this        

         exciting?  The Edgewood house should be ready to show the upstairs.   

         I need to clean the basement and shed out, but I don't know where     

         I'll put all the stuff.  Over here we finally got the drain cleaned   

         out.  It was full of roots.  The thing goes out the basement floor,   

         about 30 feet to a drilled hole and down 60 feet to the abandoned     

         mine.  All the houses from the Tasty-Freeze (the ice cream place on   

         the corner of main and Old Degonia) out to the 4-H are tapped in.     

         I would hate to be the person to open that mine for any reason.     

              Enough for now.  I'm off to top gun some entertainment.  


                   THURSDAY JUL 29,1993  9:56PM - THE BILLS ARE PAID           


              Got the bills for August made out and ready to mail.  Just got   

         the Edgewood utilities to go.  Still not out of the old house.        

         Hope to be moved out soon so it can be sold.  Dee said we can do      

         some moving Sunday.                                                 

              Tara's birthday is coming up August 10.  Five years old.         

         There will be a party down south (at the farm) for the whole bunch.

         This is her last year at home after September, because next year      

         she starts school.  Dee's about to go bonkers thinking about that     

         and will probably be a basket case by next year at this time.       

              The notice for the first cousin party came the other day.        

         I'll go this year again but Dee will be in Indy for a seminar.      

              The work on the story is stopped right now.  I sent in the       

         registration for the Cstory and Ctree so I won't do more on the       

         story until it gets here.  I'll most likely start the whole thing     

         over like I did in the diary.  That's all for now. 


TUESDAY AUG 10,1993  4:49PM - TARA'S 5TH BIRTHDAY           


              Today is Tara's 5th birthday.  I just got home from the          

         lawnmower shop to get cleaned up to go to the farm and have some      

         cake and ice cream.  They went down as usual this morning and have    

         been celebrating all day.  The girls have been enjoying making        

         bracelets and necklaces out of colored beads that Dee got at          

         Wal-Mart.  I guess it's good to help develop coordination and they    

         can say they made it themselves.  Tara is coming along good with      

         her printing, and Teea is coming along.                             

              Spelling simple words is starting and they both should be        

         ready for school when they start.  I guess that math is the next      

         item to work on.  Time to trot.  I'll try to get back tonight and fill in the      

         party details.                                                      

              Well I didn't get back that night.  This is two nights later     

         but I will make the entry here.                                     

              The party was a big success.  They ate ice cream and the cakes   

         I made and had fun.  The girls rode Bud around the yard and went      

         for rides on the lawn tractors.  Tara got girl type presents of a     

         purse, necklace, rings and a bracelet.  That's all for this entry,    

         I'll go on in the next.


                       THURSDAY AUG 12,1993 10:53PM - HOME ALONE               


              Just what the title says.  Got the house cleaned and laundry     

         done, so now I'm going to relax some at the keyboard.              

              I got the new versions of the tree and story installed now so    

         I'll do some work in them later.  It rained all day so I had to use   

         the dryer for the clothes.  One of these days I'll find time to get   

         back to my planes.  The stock is getting ahead of me enough to open   

         my own hobby shop.  Back another day.


SUNDAY AUG 15,1993 10:13PM - ONE OF THOSE DAYS             


              I have been running into one dead end after another today.       

         Been working on the family tree and story.  I found out I don't       

         know anything about my parents before about the time I was born.      

         I'll try to get some information from some cousins when I go to the   

         party in the fall.  I also need more information on the rest of the   

         Schmitt side.  SNAFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TUESDAY SEP 14,1993  2:01PM - BEEN A BIT                

              Well the birthday got through.  Forty-five.  Five more years     

         to fifty.  I better get to work on the story to get caught up         

         before I can't remember any more.  Been painting on the old house     

         trying to get it ready to sell.  I keep getting called to the lawn    

         mower shop to help and am losing some time, but I like the work and   

         people there.                                                      

              We made two new stalls in the barn so we can get them all in     

         and separated.  It's not too bad until feeding time when they all     

         want what the other has.                                            

              Dee is still looking for a horse for herself.  She had a         

         Lepord Appalosa but it was too skittish so she sent it back.


                     MONDAY NOV  1,1993  8:11PM - SOMETHING TO SAY             

              It's been a while since I have been here.  Looks like about a    

         month.  Not much been happening lately.  A new horse in the family.   

         That makes Bud the donkey, Bill the Tennessee Walker, Sam the pony,   

         and now Shenna the Appaloosa.  Dee is thinking about getting a        

         Morgan from a girl she knows at work.  Hy Yo Silver.                

              Saturday, Oct. 30, we had the first snow.  About three inches    

         of wet sticky snow that coated everything.  Although it was gone by   

         Sunday, I can't remember an October snow.  The temp. got down to      

         26 degrees (someday I'll remember that ASCII code) Saturday night.    

         Today was in the 50's.                                              

              The old house is just about done and ready for market.  Just a   

         few more details.


                       FRIDAY NOV 19,1993  1:43AM - DONE AT LAST               


              Well I'm finally done at the old place.  I think it really       

         looks good.  I would almost like to move back now with everything     

         out and so much room.  I sealed the basement wall and the white       

         color makes it look twice as big.  Now if Dee would just contact a    

         realtor and get the place sold.                                     

              Just one more paper to search for Dee and she will be done with her MSN school.  This will be another relief.ÿ                   

              Nothing new on the girls.  Mee-Mee is now in the nursing home.   

         Her liver cancer is advancing and she can no longer eat.  I am sure   

         she will not go to mom's on Thanksgiving and it's possible she will   

         not be around by the new year.                                     

              Dee wants to make a shelter for baby bud (the donkey) this       

         Sunday but the weather does not look good.  He has a barn stall but   

         when he gets in he won't come out.  So the next thing is to build a   

         lean-to on the back of the barn.      


SUNDAY NOV 28,1993  8:20PM - SAD NEWS THIS MORNING           


              Mom called this morning about 7:00am.  Tara answered the phone   

         but Dee was not home from work yet.  Dee called back when she got     

         home and mom told her that Mee-Mee had died last night.  It was a     

         sad feeling to suddenly not have some one who has always been         

         there.  Although she was not related, she was a family friend for a   

         long time.  Since before I was born.  She died a widow and without    

         children.  She was a God-mother to me, Nancy, and John, and thought   

         of us and treated us as her grand-children which is how she           

         referred to us to the end.  I plan to write a small biography and     

         place it in her file folder that can be found in the family tree      

         box.  Some information can also be found in the family tree program   

         on the computer or back-up disk.  I certainly will not forget her     

         as I did love her as a grandmother and feel she should not be         

         forgotten by this family.


TUESDAY NOV 30,1993  8:33PM - THE FUNERAL HOME             


              I went to the funeral home tonight to see Mee-Mee.  I stopped    

         on the way and did a bit of Christmas shopping for the girls.  I      

         got each one a small training computer.                             

              I arrived an Alexander West at about 6:00pm.  Mom and dad were   

         there and so were some of her nieces.  Chris, John and his two boys   

         came in later.  When I went up to see Mee-Mee it was as though a      

         different person was in the casket.  The liver CA had done her in a   

         bad way.  I'll not describe details here as it would be an            

         injustice to her, but she did not look much like I would want to      

         remember her.  Her instructions as to her funeral seemed to be        

         carried out as I remember her telling me.  She had on the purple      

         dress she had bought just for this five or more years ago.  This      

         would be the only visitation night which I believe should be. 


WEDNESDAY DEC  1,1993  8:42PM - THE FUNERAL              


              I don't like funerals nor do I believe in having them or the     

         visitation that is part of it, but I must respect the wishes of       

         others to whom this is important.                                   

              This was a typical funeral.  Not large, but a small gathering    

         of family and friends.  I would say between twenty-five and fifty          people.  There was the standard organ music and a soloist.  The       

         eulogy by the minister of St. Pauls, U.C.C. was given as best he      

         could, being a new pastor to the church.  John, his two boys,         

         Sarah, Chris, and I were the Pallbearers.  I drove the six of us to   

         the cemetary which led the hearse.  The final service was held in     

         the new chapel at Memorial Park.  They have gotten away from the      

         grave side service quite some time ago.  There is even a "family      

         gathering hall", for doing just that after the service, furnished     

         with snacks and drinks.  A nice touch but for just what reason I      

         don't know.                                                         

              Well now it's over.  I guess this is sort of an end to an era.   

         This coming Christmas will be the first one without Mee-Mee for      

         me, John, and our kids.  If you haven't read the biography I wrote,   

         see if you can find it.  You may have some questions that can be      

         answered there.  I doubt if Tara and Teea will remember much about    

         her if any at all.  I don't remember much from when I was four and    



                    SATURDAY MAR 19,1994  6:58PM - LONG TIME NO SEE            


              Haven't been here a while.  First nothing to say, then the       

         computer goes on strike.  It went in the shop in December and the     

         PB plant couldn't ship parts because they got shook in the calf.      

         earthquake.  Still not a lot to report.  Time working at home and     

         the farm. Dee got her final paper turned in and should soom get her   

         MSN papers from U. E.                                               

              Tara has lost two bottom front teeth in two weeks.  The tooth    

         fairy leaves a dollar for each tooth now, up from the dime I got.   

         I promise to try to make entries more often now. Even if they are     

         no longer than this one. 


FRIDAY APR 22,1994  8:14PM - I'M BAAAAACK               


              Just got the computer back today.  Packard Bell sent a bad       

         motherboard and the thing wouldn't send to the printer.  I have       

         tried just about everything out and it seems to be working.  There    

         also seems to be more speed.  I'll try some of the sims and see.      

         After I get done here I'll try to print and see if it works.  If      

         not I may just throw it out the window.                            

              Dee signed Tara up for kindergarten at the Warrick Christian     

         School.  She is looking for quality education for the girls and       

         feels they may be better taught there than at public school.  I       

         told her she should go on to the "round-up" day at Loge to see what   

         if.  Maybe she will and maybe she won't.  Tara looks forward to       

         going to school one day and cries about it the next.                

              If I haven't mentioned before we are out of the Edgewood place   

         altogether and done. The new owners have moved in and driving by      

         Dee has found that others may not like your ideas about how your      

         house looks.  The main changes is in the yard.  They like a neat,     

         clean, and open space where Dee likes more things growing.                Bill the horse had to go.  He got to mean for Sheena, the        

         Apaloosa, and Robert traded him in.  No replacement yet.  Sammy,      

         the pony, is having a bad time with arthritis.  His age was           

         estimated at about 25-30 years being closer to 30.  Baby-Bud, the     

         donkey is his same old self.  The way the girls ride him is for one   

         of them to get on his back and the other picks up a cat and walks     

         ahead.  He will not lead or follow unless the person leading is       

         holding a cat.  Figure it out.                                     

              Got the garden started for this year.  Found the best soil       

         behind the barn where Warren, when he lived there, dumped the barn    

         stall cleanings (horse shit).  The flat west of the house needs a     

         lot of work yet and will be 3 or 4 years before it's very good.     

              Just got done cutting grass here.  Dee left for work about       

         1730hrs and I had to feed the babies.  BABIES ?????. It's like        

         this.  Scott and Kelly were cleaning up there place, mowing,          

         moving, planting and such when Scott picked up an old half whiskey    

         barrel planter to throw out.  There happened to be a bunny nest in    

         there and momma took off and did not return.  They waited most of     

         the day and then called Dee to see if she would help since they          could not let them go and did not know what to do.                 

              We went out there about 1800hrs or 1900hrs and picked the five   

         babies.  We were both skeptical because they did not have their       

         eyes open.  We brought them home and got some formula to feed them.   

         That was on 17 April and they now have their eyes open and so far     

         are doing good.  Dee says she wants to raise them to turn loose       

         when they're big enough but I don't think she will let them go.       

         Like Chip, the rabbit she raised before, I bet she keeps them.  


                        FRIDAY APR 29,1994 10:58PM - HOME ALONE                


              Dee had to work a double shift today and left at 1330 hrs.       

         this afternoon.  I think I have the girls tomorrow night though.      

         If so we will stay up all night and sleep with Dee Sunday.  I'll go   

         to the lawn mower shop tomorrow and help out some.  A lot of          

         business there this spring and they need some help to get caught      

         up.  Dee found out that U. E. screwed up her diploma for her MSN.     

         They should have released it in March but someone in the registrars   

         office goofed.  She should get it next week.                        

              The computer seems to be working ok now.  I put in DOS 6.0 and   

         the .20 upgrade so we are now running DOS 6.20.  I ran the mem        

         maker utility and it out performed the 386 Max program.  That         

         helped quite a bit along with the 2 extra megs of memory that I had   

         Pinnacle put in.  There is no need yet for double-space.  I will      

         probably get the new Norton Utilities 8.0 since I am still running    

         6.0 and did not upgrade the last time.  I want to check next week     

         about some programming classes so I can start programming.  Dee       

         wants to learn more about computers also.  All for now, I need to     

         do some back-ups.


FRIDAY MAY  6,1994  8:30PM - A NEW PONY                


              Wednesday afternoon I was at the farm doing some garden work,    

         planting tomatoes, peppers and onions, when Dee came back from        

         town.  She said to get the empty stall ready because the new horse    

         is going to be here soon.  When they got there is was a small horse   

         or as Dee calls it an Indian pony.  It looks just like what you       

         would expect to see in the movies that Indians ride.  The body is     

         white with two red-brown spots on the rear flanks, and it's head is   

         red-brown.  It's name is Jim-Bob.  This will be the girls pony to     

         learn to ride on. Sammy is getting up in the years and is about       

         retired from riding.                                                

              I'll go to the lawn mower shop to help out tomorrow again.  I    

         got a new self-propelled mower from them instead of being paid.  If   

         I like it I'll keep it and work in trade.  Couldn't cut grass today   

         due to it raining all day.  


SUNDAY JUN  5,1994 10:19AM - A NICE SUNDAY MORNING           


              Dee is in bed now.  Home from work and back to work tonight.     

         It is getting warm outside now with rain possible tomorrow.  Not      

         much going on here at the house.  The garden at the farm is comming   

         along nice with all things growing good.  We have been picking        

         radishes, lettuce, green onions and spinach.  The tomatoes will be    

         ripe in a week or so and the bean are about to bloom.  The girls      

         new horse, Jim-Bob, is a good riding horse for them though            

         sometimes hard to catch for saddling.  The kittens are now all        

         named and beginning to come out of the barn to play.  I have been     

         visiting IVTech in Evansville to see about some programming           



I went to the Latter Day Saint (Mormon) library in Evansville    

         last week to check out their genealogy library.  It's all on CD       

         ROM, easy to use and the staff helpful if some what guarded.  But I   

         could not find one mention of anyone I was looking for.  I'll do      

         some more work at Willard before going back. 


                      SUNDAY JUL 31,1994 10:26AM - I'M BAAAAAACK               


              Been awhile has it not?  Just nothing newsworthy to write        

         about.  Been doing some work at Willard, and some at the lawnmower    

         shop.  The girls, all three, are taking a nap.  Dee just got home     

         from work and picking up Tara and Teea.  The new Skelton Garage in    

         going steady after the move last Saturday.  The city bought the old   

         garage and will tear it down for parking spaces.  We will salvage     

         in the old place next week.  The new place is the old A & B place     

         and has about four times the space plus windows.  The old place was   

         originally the stables for the St. Charles Hotel.                  

              I got signed up for classes at IVTech in Evansville.  Got a Pell grant to fund the venture and start Aug. 22.  I'll take          

         evening classes in computer programming.  Maybe I can make my own     

         games so I can make something I can win.                          

              Dee brought Boo, the kitten, home so we now have three cats to   

         go with the three dogs. Carey the boxer has seemed to adopted Boo as  

         her own and mothers him.  Boo has taken to playing with water drops   

         in the bathtub after you turn off the shower.  Tiger, the yellow      

         cat, started this last year and Boo watching him just wanted to       

         know what was so interesting.  None of the animals here are your      

         typical cats and dogs.


FRIDAY AUG 12,1994  8:29PM - THE NEW SHOP               


              Well we are in the new garage.  It's the old A&B place at main   

         and walnut streets.  The place has about three times as much space    

         as I have said.  They now sell a line of racing go-carts.  Nice,      

         but I would rather have a four wheeler.  I just about have the old    

         garage cleaned out or shall we say everything of value that we        

         want cleaned out.  We should move some of the stuff Sunday if the     

         weather holds.  Right now it's fixing to storm again and I'll have    

         to shut the machine down.  I have been computing between the storms   

         all day.  Dee is working and may get to come home after one shift.    

         Tara had her sixth birthday on the tenth.  Both girls start school    

         on the twenty-ninth.  They will go to the Warrick Christian School    

         because Dee thinks they will get a more quality education than at     

         the public schools.  Tara will be in Kindergarten and Teea preschool.  They both seem to look forward to the experience.       

              I start school at IV Tech on the twenty-second.  I got a         

         government Pell grant to cover the cost.  I should have some kind     

         of degree in computers in a few years.  I go on Mondays and           

         Thursdays for the fall semester, taking evening classes to avoid      

         conflict with the day schedule here at home.  I'll probably try to    

         take all evening classes.                                           

              Been doing a lot of time at the lawnmower shop lately.           

         Business is going good, with a lot of folks being just plain stupid   

         about taking care of their machines.  I have paid a lot for a good    

         lawnmower or trimmer or such and I could sell it any time for just    

         about what I paid and still give a warranty.  People would save a     

         lot of time and money if they would just read the documents that      

         came with yard equipment.  But then business would fall off.       

              Back later.  Going to try to log on to the Courier BBS.


                    FRIDAY AUG 26,1994  5:03PM - NICE QUIET EVENING            


              I have had my first week of classes at IV tech.  Not bad but     

         could be better.  I have a typist to take notes for the               

         Monday/Wednesday class and a girl in the second class takes notes     

         for me.  This set up works fairly well and I get a good set of        

         notes either way.                                                  

              There is a new horse at the farm now.  This one is red with a    

         white mane and tail.  Teea has claimed it for her own and took it away from Dees dad.  Now each girl has a horse.                    

              Dad went to the hospital (Deac) Monday.  He woke up early in     

         the morning with chest pain.  They found fluid in his lungs and       

         could not tell where it was coming from.  The fluid was drained       

         from the right side and a CT scan was done.  The left side is also    

         filling up so he will go to surgery Monday to see if a source can     

         be found.  The doctor said that a malignancy was expected.  He will   

         be 87 years old in November.


FRIDAY SEP  9,1994  2:33PM - NOT SO GOOD NEWS             


              This is about a week late in getting but things have been        

         busy.  Dad got to go home last Friday from Deaconess.  The test       

         showed mesothelioma, a rare type of cancer usually found in those     

         who smoke and those such as shipyard workers.  I suspect asbestos     

         involvment from when he worked at the Evansville Shipyard during the  

         war.  This form is not treatable or curable and the prognosis is in   

         months.  If he sees this Christmas he will not see the next one. So   

         far he has had no discomfort other than dyspnea due to the fluid in   

         his lungs.  A lot of times, according to Dee, those with lung CA      

         have no pain.  


MONDAY DEC 12,1994  6:19PM - DAD DIED TONIGHT             


              Since this was the last night of class, I went to mom and dads   

         tonight instead Wednesday as usual.  When I saw how dad was I         

         thought there would not be much time left.  I would have expected     

         his death at any minute due to the type of breathing and looks.  I    

         said nothing though as to not aggravate the circumstances for mom     

         and the others.                                                    

              I left there about 3:00PM to go to class.  When I got home       

         about 8:00PM Dee told me that Christopher had call and said dad had   

         died about 5:00PM.  Dee said that what he described was one of the    

         easiest and most peaceful deaths that she has known.  There was no    

         pain or struggle and it was as if he just went to sleep.




              Tonight was the Christmas event at the Warrick Christian         

         School.  This was the night that Teeas group was to perform.  The     

         event was divided into two nights and the next one will be            


              This was the first time I attended a school program as an        

         audience member.  Teeas group was the second group to perform.  She   

         did all she was supposed to and seemed to know her songs just fine.   

         They sang "Away in the Manger", "Don't Forget", and "I Saw a Little   





              Tonight was Tara's turn for performance.  I left the funeral      

         home about 4:30PM and got home just as the girls were returning from  

         the farm.                                                           

              We got ready and left just like we did Tuesday night.  Since     

         it was so crowded Tuesday night, although we had fair seats, we       

         thought we would get there earlier to get a better seat.  Dee took    

         Tara to her room and Teea and I went to save seats.  We got a seat    

         on the aisle about half way to the front.                           

              Taras group was the first to perform and she did as good with    

         her program as Teea did.  Both programs were enjoyable and all        

         groups seemed to have worked very hard to give a good show.ÿ          

              Taras group sang "Psalm 100", "Joy to the World", "A-L Verse",   

         "Christmas Day", and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".


FRIDAY DEC 16,1994  6:27PM - FUNERAL                  


              The family viewing for dad was Wednesday at 2:00PM and           

         starting at 3:00PM for friends.  Dee went with me and we met the      

         rest of the family at Alexander West.  The next day I went from       

         2:00PM until about 4:30PM.  I left to go to the program at school     

         that Teea was in.                                                   

              The funeral was at 10:00AM this morning.  About fifty people were there along with us and dads three remaining sisters.  It was    

         raining when I got up this morning and still raining when I got       

         home.  The temperature was about 45 degrees.                       

              From the funeral home we went to the cemetery.  Mom, John, and   

         myself rode in the funeral home car.  Johns two boys, Mike and        

         John, drove moms car with Sarah and Christopher.  We were the         

         pallbearers, an unusual situation but a nice touch.  The service at   

         the cemetery was in one of the chapels and a small gathering was      

         held in the family center at the cemetery.                          

              This will be the first Christmas I can remember without dad      

         being there.  The feeling can only be experienced and not             

         explained.  More information can be found in the family tree          




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