Red Roosters

We seemed to move between New York and Florida more than once.  On one of these return trips to New York, Ralph Kraemer, the only father I ever knew, picked us up from the airport.  He had rented a house for us to live in.  What I remember most about this house was the red roosters on the wallpaper in the kitchen. "Big Red Roosters". My mother did not like the roosters.

This was the house we lived in when Dennis and I would eat the raisins out of the raisin bread on Saturday morning as we watched cartoons on the TV.  

I remember going to grandma's, (Ann Baylis), apartment, Grandpa Bill, (Bill Baylis), was still alive then.  Grandpa would let Dennis help him put the flag up at the flagpole. Grandma would let me stand on a little stool as she took dishes out of the cupboard for me to wash because I wanted to wash dishes.

Sometimes Grandma would take Dennis and I to the corner bar with her.  She let us have sips of beer much to my mothers dismay.  Dennis and I would dance to the music playing on the jukebox.  Sometimes I would stand on the toes of Grandma's friends and they would dance me all over the room.  We always had fun when we went to Grandma's house.



My Mom


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