Nostalgia Is Easier To Do These Days

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Nostalgia Is Easier To Do These Days

As computer technology advances, month by month, it becomes easier for everyone to capture and then ultimately re-live many things from the past.  Photographs and videos make it easier to describe and then recall people, places, and things from the past that are more accurately recalled than if we attempt to use mere words to describe them.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video with a voice track included is even more evocative.

More than 30 years have passed since the Footloose Forester and his Bengal Tiger wife Thu first lived in Hawaii.  Although we have many, many fond memories of those idyllic times in that island paradise, it is still too early to say that nostalgia has set in.  But it will, especially for the Bengal Tiger.


Rainbows appeared very often

Our pleasant sessions of viewing old photos are somewhat limited, however; because we didn’t have a camera handy at those times and in those places where a picture would have told a story so much better than we could.  Thanks to computer files and targeted word searches, we can sometimes find photos that help us to describe things better than our own photos show.  In any case, they can supplement our own photo record and allow us to incorporate the whole suite of mix-and-match images into a single slideshow, if we so wish. Having the right tools allows us to assemble dissimilar images into an album.  Producing slide shows by subject matter is another option.



We never got tired of Diamond Head


It is so exciting hunting for those old photos and finding other appropriate snapshots taken by complete strangers that are then posted on the Internet, that the prospects for doing a decent job of making passable slide shows are much improved.  For those with a printer having a scan mode function, the added prospects for producing albums are ever better.  When all the photos are digitized and saved in either .JPG or.PDF format, the resultant files become the equivalent of digital photo albums.


The Ala Wai Canal is a training area for local outrigger canoe clubs

Today, we are too busy looking to the future to lapse into a melancholy episode of nostalgia.  When we do, however; one of the most pleasant ones might be about the time we lived in Hawaii…and saw rainbows from our small balcony nearly every day. We don’t have a single photograph of our own to make that point, but the photos above that were taken by our rental agent are convincing enough.  Since he was our very own rental agent and personal friend, he took the entire suite of photos from our apartment.  Now the whole Internet world can see what we saw.

Ruth Payne - Neighbours
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Dick Pellek (website) on Sunday, 14 September 2014 00:08

The rental agent mentioned in the story above was our friend Dan Coyle. He died of a massive heart attack while on the job, early in September 2014.

The rental agent mentioned in the story above was our friend Dan Coyle. He died of a massive heart attack while on the job, early in September 2014.