Global Warming...Or Not?

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Global Warming…Or Not?


We hear it all the time…global warming is a hoax. That statement comes from the right wing of the political spectrum.  It would seem that their agenda is to convince us that global warming is not taking place; and that their words are good enough to convince climate change skeptics about the status of climates, world-wide.

The leftists who do believe in climate change in general; and global warming in particular, have scaled back their past arguments about global warming to make the subject matter more general by dropping the dogmatic singularity of warming only as the trend; by acknowleging that in the geologic past there have been long periods of global cooling. The default circumstance is, therefore; that climate change happens.  Thus, global warming deniers can buy into some version of climate change without giving up their own dogmatic argument denying global warming as the current trend.  

Ultimately, we must decide for ourselves what we believe.  Although approximately 98% of climate scientists believe that the climates of the world have been warming for many decades, they no longer have to call it global warming. Semantics are important in the courtroom, but not very relevant in the graphs below.  For purposes of this discussion, nobody has to vote yea or nay.  Let the facts speak for themselves. 



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