Intergenerational Legacy

Teenagers and their grandparent’s generation have more in common than most believe, and they have mutual gifts to offer one another. Creating an intergenerational legacy is among the most rewarding and memorable projects they can share.

grandmother-453131_1280In an online article entitled Understanding the Elderly, Dr. Beverly Block, a staff psychotherapist with Ask the Internet Therapist, says, “Initiating conversation with someone so far removed from your environment can seem awkward, stilted, or even boring; but when you have patience, you will be surprised at the rewards.”

At a convalescent home she visited, Block gathered a group of seniors and teenage volunteers, and they discussed the elements that form a common bond between generations. The two groups created a Mutual Want List and formed a list of common expressions that they’d prefer to never hear.

Click here to read Understanding the Elderly and learn some of the mutual benefits of interaction between generations.  Then record an interview with somebody from another generation. Whether you choose to write stories into the story pages of or upload a photograph and create a Pict-Oral Memory, you’re building a legacy portfolio for yourself that will inspire future generations.

While we’ve listed possible intergenerational questions and topics to choose from, you can find additional questions by clicking here: story prompts. Each of the questions can be adapted to the age of the interviewee.

Tell me about your experience in high school, how did/do you feel about yourself; were/are you confident, shy?

What was/is most important to you as a teenager?

As a teenager, what questions did/do you want to ask but felt/feel afraid?

What advice would you now give to your teenage self?

What was/has been the happiest moment of your teenage years?

What were/are your teenage hobbies; did/do you dance, play sports, build cars, skate?

Who impacted/impacts your teenage years the most? What did/do you learn from that person?

Who was/is the kindest to you in your teenage years? What did/do they do?

Did/do you have a best friend? Who?

Did/do you date? What was/is dating like?

What were/are your most valuable lessons of your teenage years?

What was/is your favorite high school subject?

Who was/is your favorite high school teacher?

Are there memories or funny stories that come to mind about being a teenager?

Did/do you go on vacations or take any interesting trips as a teenager? Where? Who with?

Did/do you ever feel proud of yourself in high school? Is there anything you wish you did/do better, or different?

What was/is your biggest mistake in your teenage years?

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

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