Gail Sheehy Reminisces With a Purpose

Every picture tells a story and photo reminiscing can be therapeutic, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one. Recording these recollections can give voice to a departed loved while providing inspiration to future generations. 

That was the case for Gail Sheehy, NYT Best-Selling author of Passages, written while caring for her dying husband. It took years to recover from his loss and part of the healing process was reminiscing with photos.

Gail was introduced to "Legacy Talks", a photo reminiscing activity for caregivers, developed by our LegacyStories experts. She started recording her recollections, only this time she was "reminiscing with a purpose."

Gail was so moved by the experience she became a LegacyStories Caregiver Ambassador, introducing Legacy Talks to audiences across the country. With such a priceless treasure, she used the LegacyStories video services to render her recordings into a video, and burned it onto a 100-year archival DVD. 

Here is a brief sample of her video:

While inspiring caregivers around the world, Gail recently wrote her new memoir, "Daring: My Passages", in conjunction with her "Daring Project," which collects the stories of women who dare to live life outside of their comfort zone. If you want to read her memoir or submit a "daring" story for her next book, click HERE.

If you want to "reminisce with a purpose", download the Legacy Stories IOS or Android app and start recording your recollections today. 

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