For Sale - Moral Compass

Essays, Stories, Adventures, Dreams

Chronicles of a Footloose Forester

By Dick Pellek


Fantastic Sale - Moral Compass


Own a piece of history.

            Order your very own Moral Compass.

                        Designed and field tested in the USA.

                                    Made in China by factory representative of noted fabricators.

                                                Don’t miss out.  These collector items may not be offered again.

                                                            Call now.  Operators are standing by.

                                                                        Call: 888-3867-2727; 888-dump-bsbs




Act now and we will include a second Moral Compass, absolutely free. Pay only for additional handling and shipping.  Hurry before the offer runs out.  Don’t be without a moral compass any longer. 

Canal House
Chapt 5 Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 1...

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