Since publishing BIG WAVE - CAPSIZED I sent the story to my cousin Kitty Susan Hylton, who was struggling with me in the water.  After reading my account of that July 4th day in 1965, Susie sent some details I had forgotten.

Our rescuers were not deputy sheriffs but county game wardens.  One of them, Gordon Preston, happened to be a good friend of Susie's Grandfather Hylton.  She told me that Gordon had held her as a small child.  How serendipitous for him to be one of our rescuers! 

This new information emphasizes how very important it is for our family stories to be told.  The version I remembered was made more complete by the input from my cousin, making our remembrances all the more richer. 


Memories of my grandparents
Fall in Charleston, SC


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