Fall in Charleston, SC

On May 31st, during our trip to Charleston with Michele and Pat I had a horrific fall.  Fell forward and hit the left side of my face and the outside of my hands.  By the time they got me on my feet and sat me on a bench my hands were so black and blue and my face was swelling so much they took me to the ER.  They did a CT scan and x-rays but nothing was broken and no bleeding in my brain.  I still have some swelling in my face and am seeing a facial surgeon to make sure there is no orbital bone break.  I have double vision sometimes and my eyes, especially the left, burn a lot.  I feel very blessed that nothing was broken.  We were with our daughter and son-in-law.  We went home on Sunday but missed out on something, I don't know what else they had planned, but we didn't do it.  Saw my eye doctor on Thursday, the day we arrived home (we drove), and he couldn't find anything wrong in my eyes, hence the specialist to try to find out on the double vision.  The specialist said it could be either from the swelling, which still hasn't gone down around my eye or I might have shaken a nerve in the back of my head and numbed it but both of these will heal eventually.  So we wait.

Time has passed, almost 3 months.  My face still has bruising and some soresness.  My left eyelid doesn't shut all the way.  Dr. Jones thinks it's from my eyeball being swollen or a traumatized nerve.  My eyes burn and hurt a lot so keep drops in them.  Still waiting to see what happens.  

Now for the faith building part.  That morning I had prayed and asked the Lord to protect me that day.  And he did.  No broken bones, no broken glasses, no broken anything.  I was so blessed by the Lord that day and I am so grateful.  I learned that many times, keeping us safe doesn't mean nothing happens, it may mean that nothing BAD happens.  I'm grateful and thank the Lord over and over for protecting me that day.

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