2017 President's message and welcome

Greetings, SCCAPG Members.

Thank you for renewing your membership in one of the various ways. We are looking forward to our next gathering at the SCCAPG mini-PMC on 25 February 2017 at the So. Calif. Genealogical Society Library, 417 Irving, Burbank, 9:00am-3:00pm. The last portion of our program that day will be a round robin with library patrons invited (bring your business cards to pass out). We will complete the afternoon with a General Meeting and then the board members will stay for a brief board meeting. The nominees for the offices of the organization will be presented and voting will be done via email (as laid out in our standing rules and bylaws) for the new officers to take their places on 1 April 2017.

Our new historian is Cyndy Richardson of Genlighten and she will be posting the various materials from our group's history over the years. Be sure to return to check on what has been added to this site and add your comments, memories, or corrections, if necessary. For the new members, this will also provide you with a location to see where we have been in the past (the BC - before computers - era) and get a sense of the things we have done and can do in the future. We need the membership united in this manner so please get involved on some level. 

Barbara Randall, our VP and program chair, is planning webinars for the upcoming months. This is a great opportunity for members to try out this innovative and all-encompassing medium. (By all-encompassing, I mean that it does not matter where you are located, you can still attend a meeting of SCCAPG.) It is no longer the way of the future; it is the means of communication NOW. If you have a concept of general interest to the membership, share it in this way and contact Barbara to schedule yourself as a webinar presenter. WE NEED YOU. (Note: topics need not have to do with running a business . . . you can present a concept - ideally in about 40-45 minutes - that might be helpful to others looking for an approach to a similar subject for an article or presentation and give you practice with this medium.) I know I don't need to to tell you, professionals and professionals-to-be, that absolutely no recording, photos, or other types of copying should be done; if you would like to use or otherwise cite information from a presentation, always get the permission of the copyright owner. As for me, I usually am liberal with that permission and pass along slides folks would like (as long as they don't contain any copyrighted material from another source) and request that I be given credit for the information provided. 

Well, welcome to the recently renovated SCCAPG site on Legacystories.org and be prepared to use this as yet another way to be an active member. Thank you to Cyndy for accepting the Historian appointment, to Butch Hibben for assisting in the set-up of this platform, and to Tom Cormier who graciously GAVE us this website. Let's use it!

Jean Wilcox Hibben; PhD, MA

SCCAPG President, 2016-2017 (nominee for 2017-2019)

Riverside County, CA

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