Write An Argumentative Essay: Dos and Don’ts


Knowledge is a gift which every human being is endowed within more or less quantities. Using knowledge to your benefit is a skill that one needs to acquire in order to achieve a masterful position. A person who knows the art of speech can become the leader with the power of influencing masses.

The numerous amounts of writing tasks that a university student has to carry out are enough to drive someone off the edge. The strict conditions and writing constraints of a university-grade essay add additional levels of difficulties to an already challenging task of academic writing. If your professor was a strict disciplinarian, requiring you to follow the rules of academic writing religiously, then your academic life becomes too much full of anxieties. In order to cope with your writing issues, getting the services of an expert essay writer is your best bet out of worries.

Writing a professionally penned argumentative essay works the charm of increasing your prestige in the eyes of your professor. You can try certain tips and techniques for becoming a skilful essay writer who knows how to lay a powerful impact on the reader’s mind. Read on to get the know-how of the dos and don’ts for writing a perfect argumentative essay.

1. Catch Your Readers’ Attention From The Start

A thought-inspiring quotation, an interesting personal story, some astonishing statistics or an appealing phrase works to hook your readers’ interest. A good title piques your readers’ enthusiasm as they want to read on more for satisfying their curiosity of what follows in the next lines.

For instance, if you are writing on a controversial topic such as why smoking should be prohibited from all the public places, you can start by mentioning verifiable statistics on the harms of passive smoking. Start as follows; According to a World Health Organization study, “smoking is the reason behind a whopping five million deaths every year.”

2. Give Background Details

Describing background information serves to introduce your readers with an essential understanding of the different viewpoints on a subject. It is good to furnish them with all the perspectives on the issue so that in the latter parts of the essay you can explain why your solution is the best and most feasible one.

For example, when you are writing on the subject of discouraging voluntary recruitment in the British Royal Army, you can give the events of the world wars that resulted in many youth quitting college to become unpaid soldiers.

3. Define Your Thesis Concisely

Your thesis statement contains the central idea of an argumentative essay. It is usually a one-sentence statement which summarises the point that the writer will be defending in the essay. It clarifies the writer’s position on the issue under discussion and is not necessarily considered an established fact.

If you are assigned a topic to write about prevention of wars, you can compose a thesis statement like: “United Nations needs some serious reforms since it has failed to prevent many international conflicts.” In the body of the essay, you can give evidence and supporting details to reinforce your thesis statement.

4. Don’t Cook Up Information

Made up facts and exaggerated statements cannot do point-scoring with the educated readers. People want only the authentic information that is carefully researched and properly referenced to lend a colour of credibility to your writing. If some of your information is flawed, do not try to doctor your data. You can instead save your essay by using logical reasoning.

Also, you should not be using too much qualifying words such as the word “Too much” in the statement: ‘Too much deaths are taking place because of the harms of passive smoking.’ Instead, give a numerical figure to support your point.

Eloquence is a leadership quality that many great people have made use of for conquering people’s heart, transforming the fate of entire nations with merely the good use of words.
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