Punishment Can Be Fun


Two little brothers who were best buddies were running up and down the three flights of stairs in the house. Not five minutes before they had been told by their daddy to stop doing this as it was becoming annoying, but being boys of six and eight they thought they’d push their luck just a little bit more and had kept on running.

Their daddy stepped into their path just as they finished one of their flights and stopped them dead in their tracks. They froze in their spaces as they knew that now daddy was REALLY annoyed. They didn’t know what to expect as a punishment. Much to their delight they were told to keep on running until daddy told them to stop. After three more trips the six year old who was a bit chubby, was pooped and wanted to stop. Meanwhile the eight year old had been flying by him and about three flights ahead. The six year old was told he could stop and daddy asked the eight year old if he wanted to stop as well. He said, “Oh no daddy this is fun” and continued to run up and down for the next thirty minutes. I wonder who learned the lesson?!

Lord, I Want to be Real
Mama almost died!


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