Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Education


The dynamics and the very fabric of the academic domain keeps shifting. In the past decade or so, there has been a rise in the number of students enrolling into online classes. Having said that, the significance of traditional classes cannot be dismissed, they still hold an immense amount of value and worth in the academic industry, owing to just how personal and collaborative the whole learning process is. However, there has been a surge in alternative learning methods, as the choices and options available to individuals diversify by the minute. Contemporary education comprises of free will and a varied range of facilities, which was a facet missing in the conventional education paradigm.
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Whilst we’re discussing the diminishing and debilitating effects of academia, we can’t negate the fact that consuming academic content via online or digital mediums, also has its pros and cons.


·         Flexibility:

By default, a university pushes students to perform and charge their minds early in the morning. However, not every individual’s mind is attuned or hardwired in such a manner, thus availing the opportunity of consuming academic content through an online forum is excellent, as there is a sense of liberty associated with online education. Students are not bound by schedules, they can understand, memorise and seek help when it is feasible for them. Moreover, if you have a part-time job to focus on, then you can easily divert your attention there, as opposed to being held back by your rigid academic responsibilities.

·         Lower Costs:

The rising cost of acquiring education cannot be debated, it is an inevitable cost for every student enrolled in an educational institution. However, once you start to take advantage of online education, you shall understand that the cost of books, cost of transport, cost of food and other miscellaneous costs are reduced.


·         Self-Motivated

In an online educational setting, the student has to be self-motivated and should have a set of disciplines. These disciplines are what pushes and stimulates them to take interest and be invested in their academia. There are no teachers present physically that would propel and drive you to get started on your academic projects, instead you need to find it within yourself to keep yourself encouraged.

·         Interactions:

Learning in a traditional environment is a completely different ballgame. The amalgamation of class discussions, debates, logical reasoning, face to face lectures and the combined energy is what leads to a wholesome experience for the student, something which is quite not possible in an online setting.
In this fast-paced day and age, it has become somewhat of a necessity to be aligned with the current offerings of the society. However, it is true that both paradigms of education have individual benefits and limitations that caters to different individual needs. 
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