Why I love the Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner!



I have a high-quality flat bed scanner for large projects to do at home. But found the need for something mobile to assist with quickly helping a Legacy Stories client to scan and upload their first 5 photos, or for use when traveling and visiting family so I could "steal" other peoples photos devil After reading reviews on the APPO (Association of Personal Photo Organizers) Facebook page and hearing from other Legacy Advisors, I purchased one at the Rootstech Conference in Salt Lake City  this past February, and I love it.  Oh how I wish I had this a long time ago. For many years I'd visit my Grandmother in Fargo and go through her albums. I could not afford to get copies made of everthing and so I would haul her albums down to Kinkos and get color copies made on High Gloss paper and then bring them home and scan them. This was NOT cheap either, but allowed me to enlarge the smallest images and it did cost less than prints.  I can not tell you what a hassle it was to work with these old albums where photos were either falling out, or you could not remove a photo without risking damage.

Scan Images Anytime, Anywhere

  •     Compact (10.25 x 6.5 x 1.5) t, lightweight, durable (but I recommend getting a sleeve or cover to protect    the glass on the underside)
  •     Cordless, and does not need to be attached to a computer!
  •     Battery powered
  •     Stores scanned photos on a memory card

High Quality Digital Image

  • Color true to originals
  • 600 and 300 dpi resolution settings

Keep your Memories Safe -Scan Photos in Place

  • You can place a single photo on the scanner, close the lid and scan or use their patented flip-and-scan technology by removing the lid, flipping the scanner over and placing OVER the original without having to remove the photo utilizing the see-through window for easy viewing and framing of the original

Easy and Quick

  • Push one button to scan in seconds
  • No computer required to scan
  • Just take your SD card to your computer to transfer the images


  • Portability.  Small size and no need for cables or wires.
  • Lid removal makes it easy to place over album photo that can NOT be removed and not have to guess if you have the photo framed correctly.
  • Stitch software!  This is my favorite.  If you have a very large photo, painting, document, or newspaper etc.  Simply scan all areas of the photo or document and then run the “stitch” software that comes on the Memory Card and it will magically stitch the images together. No need for a large flatbed to accommodate large or odd sized items.
  • Optional “Sketch Kit”.  This clear overlay allows you to “tag, caption, write” details about a photo or person in the photo on the overlay and scan the image to capture details. Then remove the overlay and scan the image again.  Later you can reference the tagged photos for detailed info and have your clean image to use.


  • It’s very small, so large images require multiple scans
  • It burns through batteries – so is best used for small scanning jobs.

                                      Sample of 1 of 6 scans required for a large document (Naturalization papers)



                                                    Sample of the  6 scanned images stitched together. 

The document is not very clear sinceI had to "compress" the image to upload it since the document was too big) The orginal size is NOT blurry like this )

You can purchase from amazon or  http://flip-pal.com

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Tom Cormier (website) on Tuesday, 18 September 2012 22:30

Very cool scanner Sandy. Every home should have one. We certainly do. You might want to put a link to their site so people can find it.

Very cool scanner Sandy. Every home should have one. We certainly do. You might want to put a link to their site so people can find it.
Someday Organizing (website) on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 00:19

Done. Thanks for the reminder

Done. Thanks for the reminder :)