Who Will Be The One To Record Your Legacy?

The Legacy Untold Is Like A Book Unread

By Tom Cormier and Dick Pellek

You and I will leave a legacy whether we want to, or not. Everyone who passed on has already left theirs. Some are rich in history and personal accomplishments; and others are obscure or even unknown. In earlier decades, stories about friends and family members were largely shared only by word of mouth; but then all too often forgotten, if the stories were not passed on.

Too bad that family and friends from bygone days who hoped to remember loved ones in those days did not have access to the personal tools that help to create, preserve and share memories. We moderns no longer are constrained by a lack of creative tools. In today’s world, we can photograph, message, video tape and record audio events that are part and parcel of the legacy of anyone we chose to feature.

Who can tell your story better than you? Who better to capture a charming photograph of you, your children, your grandchildren, or your lifelong friend; than someone who cares enough to help preserve those events by consciously capturing them on tape, film, or in written word? Each bit of evidence is part of a legacy; any legacy we chose to label and to put into archives.

Fortunately, in these modern times of computers, digital cameras, transatlantic picture phones, and the like; we can send photographs and text to anywhere within a few seconds. There is no longer a reason why legacy stories cannot be written, photographed and videotaped for all to see and to share. There are many people who already know of the immensity of the opportunity at hand, and are busy spreading the word. The testimonials below are just a sampling of what some Members of LegacyStories.org have to say:

► We compose our lives by the stories we tell about them.  Story tellers is something that we are. ..........Karen Jordan

► I love reading a good story, especially when it's true.  We can teach, inspire, and learn so much from each other, but only if we share our stories.  If you love other peoples' stories, you're in the right place. ..........Janet Holt

► Do you know that you can preserve your legacy, as you wish to be remembered, enrich the current generation and inspire future generations?  Many small people, from many small places doing many small things can alter the Earth. ..........Golden V. Adams

► Preserving our living legacy through pictures and stories, both written and oral, brings life to our documented history.  My grandchildren love to hear me talk about my parents and grandparents.  I bet yours will, too! ..........Connie Bradshaw

► There always seems to be something else to do in our lives rather than sit down and capture these precious life moments, but soon they will become just a box of photos. ..........Debbie Youd  


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The appearance of the text, the spacing and the fonts in edit mode all differ from the published mode. Further editing may be required.