When Mixing Metaphors

On the road…again!
Afghanistan to Zambia
Chronicles of a Footloose Forester
By Dick Pellek
When Mixing Metaphors


Sure, we sometimes get away from our game plan and jump into the frying pan, but hey, who’s perfect?  When passions run deep, we should take solace in the fact that still waters also run deep.  At times we get so frustrated that we shout out things that we later regret. Rather than to call a spade a spade and just let the water run under the dam, we should perhaps think twice before we yell fire in a crowded theatre.  Sometimes we should just put a cork in it.  But just so I remember next time to count to 10 before I sound off, I’d better jot this down.  Stand up and be counted or be swept into the dust bin of history.

Nobody wants to be left behind, so it’s better to shout out than to shut up.  When the guys in the black helicopters come for you, you have to decide whether to fight back or go quietly into that good night.  If you decide to fight the good fight, there will be a few good men there with you.  Let’s hope that they are your homies and loyal bros.
If you are going to be a stand-up guy, the first thing you have to do is stand up. But be warned that when you do, you let the genie out of the bottle; you open Pandora’s box and may then discover that you have a real can of worms on your hands.  So stay cool, chill, and hang loose.



 Don't get trapped into a box by whistling into the wind

Not to be deterred, don’t get cold feet and worry about how you are going to get the cat back into the bag.  Or was that a bottle?  a box? or a can?  Sometimes straight shooters like you are not always straight thinkers.  Oh well, that is just another cross to bear.  If you keep at it, you will eventually get it out of your system. Or should that be getting that cross off your back?  Anyway, you know how that works, right?  Who knows, you know…what is the real skinny, anyway?  Does anybody really have a clue?  You know what I mean? Don’t ask me, I’m just pretending to care.  Besides, I just work here.  Yeah, I may get labeled as a hot shot wanna-be, but until I get to be a really big wheel, I’ll just run around in circles, make noise and hope that what they say is true….empty barrels make the loudest noise and the squeaky wheels get the egg on their face.

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