Chapter 2 - What physical or personality traits can you attribute to one of your ancestors?

Great question about traits that can be attributed to the next generation. 


Without a doubt, it happened to my fathers 1st brother Bill (Boleslaw) Zukowski.   He was a muscian all of his life and retired with honors from playing with the Air Force Symphony based out of Washington, DC.

Uncle Bill's youngest son Jan Zukowski is a gifted Bass guitarest best know from his days with the Night Hawks.

Uncle Bill, I remember best from the replaying of a movie from our 1951 Zukowski family vacation trip from Tucson, AZ back to Maryland and New York City where we visited all our family and friends. Here is the Link on

 The wonderful patio dinner made by Enid and shared with our cousins was at the top of my memories.  You will need to click on the video.

 I also remember your visits to Tucson and Phoenix when you played in concert with the Air Force Band from 1948 - 1978.  


Below is a Facebook picture of my cousin Jan playing the Bass guitar with Gregg Allman in 1978. Click this Link for more about Jan  posted on MemKpr.comb2ap3_thumbnail_2017-06-06_Jan.png              



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