Travel to Tibet from Nepal

Tibet and Nepal are located in the hills and hills of the Himalayas, and the natural scenery is different. Tibet has world-class glaciers, lakes and other wonderful landscape resources, while Nepal has green, beautiful scenery.
Tibet and Nepal have a unique and complex culture that involves lifestyle, religion, architecture, festivals and more. Therefore, tourists interested in Tibet may also be interested in Nepal, and the two places in the geographical location are also very close, so it is a wise choice to visit two places at a time. There are two ways to travel to Tibet from Nepal.

By plane

The fastest and most convenient way to get to Nepal from Nepal is by plane. Overlooking the Himalayas on a plane If the weather is good, you will definitely see the highest mountains in the world, such as Mount Everest and Mount Annapurna. Currently, there are five airlines serving the Nepal-Tibet route. In addition, the average price of these one-way direct flights to Tibet is between $220 and $250.

Join an overland tour

If you choose to travel by land, you should be prepared to spend an unforgettable journey on a 1,300-kilometer road trip, usually taking 7 to 8 days to complete. This land trip will take you through the Friendship Expressway or the Zhongni Expressway connecting the Nepalese border with Lhasa, passing through winding roads, deep valleys and misty mountain passes. Of course, one of the highlights of this land trip is to visit the Everest Base Camp, where you can see the majestic Mount Everest.


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