Thank You Great-Uncle Paul Ewald

This is a photo of my Great-Uncle Paul Ewald in 1921 in Cataumet, MA, which is a town on Cape Cod.  He was born in June 1890 in Danzig.  I've heard Danzig referred to as Danzig, Germany, as well as, Danzig, Danzig as its own free state.  His parents were Elisabeth Schwabe and Johannes Ewald.  He was the brother of Paul, Marie, Felix, who was my grandfather, as well as, Alfonz, and Luzia.  He married Lena Hoeflinger in 1919 in Boston Mass. Lena was from Lucern Switzerland.  Uncle Paul was a very poor sailor who jumped ship in the port of Boston in 1914.  He became a chauffeur for the wealthy and a handyman.  He also raised dogs with his wife, Lena. 


In 1921, he sponsored my grandfather's immigration to the United States with $25.  Since there is another photo of both my grandfather, Felix, and Uncle Paul in Cataumet in 1921 (see below), presumably this photo was taken shortly after my grandfather arrived in the Port of New York on October 15th and traveled back to Cataumet, MA.  In 1923, Uncle Paul sponsored his parents, Elisabeth and Johannes, and his niece, Agnes, each with $25.  They also immigrated through Ellis Island and the Port of New York.

Paul died in the 1938 Hurricane in Mattapoisett, MA when he tried to help some people who were too close to the ocean.  I think it is interesting that lending a helping hand has been passed through the generations.  From my Uncle Paul, who lost his life helping someone, to my grandfather, Felix, who helped so many people on a daily basis that the Funeral Home was innundated with hundreds of friends expressing their sympathy.  Down to my dad, William, who always offers to help.  It's a responsibility that each generation, including my own, has been willing to accept.

I am also grateful to my great-Uncle Paul for being the first of our family to settle in the United States.  I'm thankful that he was willing to sponsor my great-grandparents, my grandfather, and other family members as they immigrated to America.  Because of their actions, my children and I are able to enjoy all of the blessings and the freedoms that America offers.  Thank you, Great-Uncle Paul.


Halloween at Julie's 2012
Uncle Joe

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Sharon Bennett (website) on Thursday, 29 November 2012 21:57

Very nice story about your uncle, grandfather and family legacy, Michelle! Also wonderful description of your company.

Very nice story about your uncle, grandfather and family legacy, Michelle! Also wonderful description of your company.