Sydna's Childhood Memories

   Here are some memories for you:
                During wwII, while living at grandparents house, at 7 yrs. old;  I wanted a dog, so seeing a huge conch shell being used as a door stop-I got the idea to make that my dog and put a rope around it and drug it around the house and talked to it for days.  Not long after that, one night Grand daddy came home with a  big veggie box from the grocery store, put it down in the kitchen, opened it up -boom, there was a cocker puppy!  What a joy!

               Every Wed. Grand daddy closed the grocery store 1/2 a day.  He would go out to the farm.  It was always fun riding in the back of the truck when  he would speed up for the "bumps"/kiss me quicks"  just after passing the lake on the road out to the farm.  He would laugh!

                Grandmother spent a lot of time in the kitchen,  I enjoyed hanging out watching her cook.  It was a huge room with a big table in the center, surrounded by a gas stove, & wood burning stove (always hot).  There she would cook coconut cakes, letting me crack the coconut after hammering in a nail to drain the juice and help peel it.  She never used recipes - had it all in her head, made cottage cheese from sour milk, hung in gauze sacks on the clothes line to drip, always had fresh biscuits made every morning.  Breakfast  always included whatever meat was served the night before with ham, bacon, eggs, prunes, grapefruit, biscuits.

                Grandmother would make me take a dose of sulfur and molasses every spring - ugh!

             She had great nursing skills!!!  Mustard plasters for colds,   lots of bed rest when people were sick.  I had wanted a sand pile - came around the house one late afternoon, running barefoot to see what I thought was a sand pile - but in fact was the hot coals remaining from a pile of leaves and sticks.  I jumped feet first into it!!  Then I could NOT stop running, trying to stop the pain-Grandmother caught me and healed me. . . . .
              While riding on the back of a bicycle, uncle Ralph on front with my bare feet stuck out, one leg got tired, oops, got heel caught in the wheel spokes, cut a huge flap out of heel -  go to the hospital for stitches -NO  Grandmother cleaned it and wrapped it somehow and it got well!

                During the time Mother and I lived there, WWII was going on,  Poss, Sidney, Ralph, Bill were all fighting,  Poss in the Army,  Sidney was at the North Pole, Ralph in the Navy, I think your dad was in the infantry- every morning at school assembly we would sing the songs for each division of our armed forces and I would think about my uncles.  Poss was seriously injured when his commander ordered the men to march forward in a heavy fog, not knowing there was ledge, sending Poss and others over the edge.  He had to have a metal plate put in his head and was discharged.

                  Enough?    I could go on and on    ..... 

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