Sure Fire Ice-Breaker

It was time for the annual Christian Women's Conference at Denver First Church of the Nazarene. Robin, along with her minister husband, were new to our church. She and I would be going together.    
All my insecurities come to the surface when I meet new people. Robin and I had, had little time to become acquainted. By sharing a ride, we could change that! I wanted to make a good impression. A healthy working relationship was a must since they were on staff, and I was the director of Women's Ministries.    
Until the "ice" was broken, I would be out of my comfort zone! So, it was with mixed feelings that I turned into the driveway.    
I honked the horn (a specialty of mine), and waited. Within seconds she was settled in and we were on our way. Our chit-chat was friendly, but reserved.    
"Hi. How are you?"    
"Oh, fine, and you?"    
"Oh, fine."    
longgggg pause . . .    
We were checking one another out, testing the water. We looked enough alike to be sisters. If she acted like me, we were in trouble! Anxious to make conversation I turned to Robin, and just kinda blurted out, "I guess you might as well know this. (silence) I have an addiction ( way to go, Ronda)."    
Robin looked at me oddly as if I were an irrational eccentric. She said nothing, but sat in stunned silence.    
I grinned and said, "I really need a Dr. Pepper!"    
"You like Dr. Pepper?" was her immediate reply. "So do I!! I can't believe it. I've finally met someone else who likes Dr. Pepper!!"    
Instant bond!    
We stopped at my favorite soda machine next to the auto repair store. Robin waited while I jumped out, popped in the quarters and purchased two cans of our preferred soft drink. One for me and one for my new friend.    
Normally it's no big deal for me to drive and juggle a drink (non-alcoholic, thank you) at the same time. However, this day was the exception. Traffic was heavy. I endeavored, unsuccessfully, to turn on to the main road without dumping my soda. Dr. Pepper poured out of the can. The sticky, iced cold, liquid soaked through my skirt, seeped between my legs, and casually made it's way up my backside. "Oh, oh, oh," was all I could think to say. Robin was totally useless . . . reduced to tears by her laughter.    
Yup, great way to make an impression.    
I dried by the time we arrived at the conference. And Robin and I were bosom buddies. We bounded out of the van and, along with a throng of other women, began to make our way toward the main entrance.    
In spite of our efforts we ended up separated by a few steps. I was in the lead, trying to maneuver around several ladies and up the gently sloping incline to the main entrance. Not an easy thing to do in a pair of shoes not made for hiking. I looked over my shoulder to check on Robin's progress, and discovered (to my dismay) that she had stopped walking.   She wasn't moving at all, but was standing still. If she didn't hurry, we were going to be late!  
She was making funny noises, odd conduct for a pastor's wife! "Robin?" says I. By this time I realize that she is in near hysterics. "What's so funny?" She couldn't talk. She could only point . . . at my back side. "Your skirt!", she shrieked.    
Suddenly I was aware of a certain coolness in that proximity. On my backside was an immense stain. Dark brown. Very wet. It looked like I had . . . never mind, you get the picture. "Well, get behind me and walk close so no one will see!" I said.    
The conference was wonderful, once I quit worrying about my skirt. I had a terrific new friend. Sometimes I wonder at the ways of God. I don't normally recommend drinking and driving . . . but you can't beat it for breaking the ice.
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