Something my Grandfather taught me

My grandfather, the only grandparent I knew-  we called him Daddy Ball, was so very dear to me.   He lived in a shack about a mile or two out of McCaskill, Arkansas, in Hempstead County, Redland Towhship, near where I was born.   I knew him from the time I was about five years old.   He died when I was 15.  My other grandfather died when I was less than two years old, and my grandmothers died long before I was born.  

I remember two things that Daddy Ball told me that I consider important:   one- to never vote for a Republican and two to  never go out with a drunk.   Thus far I have abided by those two admonitions.    

When I grew up Arkansas was a solid Democratic state.  All our governors and representatives and senators were Democrats.  By the time I was old enough to vote I was living out of Arkansas, and yet I still had the leaning of Democratic principles in my mind.   I have not changed to this day.   Sadly, Arkansas is changing.    It is very sad to see people voting against their own best interest.  Most Arkansans are in need of the things that the Democratic party stands for, but they don't seem to understand that.   They listen to the sound bites that they hear on the news and fall for quick answers rather than stopping to think things through.   It all goes back to education.   Most of our problems could be solved with education.  

Regarding leaving the drinkers out of my life:    Tom and I will always have alcohol in our home, as we enjoy having wine with our meals.   We offer wine or beer to our guests, but moderation is our guide.  We share a love of Irish Coffee made with Irish whiskey, and we enjoy after dinner drinks, but over indulgence has never been a part of our lives.   I am thankful that Tom is someone I can trust in moderate drinking patterns.   

I am grateful to my precious Daddy Ball for the two pieces of advice he gave me.   He was so very dear to me.

Miss Ruth
Mary Lou Clarke


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