Paying for School Essays is Cheating

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Paying for School Essays is Cheating

There are plenty of self-help books out there. Some are long and fairly comprehensive. Others are short and to the point. Tips on building, painting, wiring, or baking come in many packages.  Kudos to those who defer from their own limited knowledge to venture into the realm of experts who are proud to share what they know.  Winners all around.




Nothing to be ashamed of if you must look at a diagram of a desk you have to assemble from parts.  Manufacturers increasingly build things in sections and sell their products to consumers who must then assemble the items on their own.  They help by providing assembly instructions and even the names and numbers of various nuts and bolts.  Self-help is not only an aspiration—it is a requirement.

When it comes to story writing, there are also books and articles written about how to get started, how to infuse interest in the story by infusing interest into the prospective readers, how to make a story shine, stand out, and attract readers.  All well and good, as long as one considers the process as self-help.  The lonely writer, however; has to put all the ingredients, as it were, into the recipe before it is baked.

But when it comes to writing an essay for a school assignment, the payoff is not a bakery product done by an amateur baker and only for self-satisfaction.  Essays as class assignments are tests of acquired knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, syntax, organization, and perhaps history and worldly affairs.  To earn a decent grade, an essay should be the ready-to-wear attire that is the property of the person who owns and wears the garment, not the fabricator of the garment who then profits when someone else puts it on. With the gradual use of IT algorithms to compare the text of student essays with the work of known authors, it is now much easier to spot plagiarism.  Plagiarists get penalized or even expelled.  Paying someone to write essays for you is an even more devious form of cheating.  If the person who depends upon the creative work of someone else manages to pass through formal schooling, that person has succeeded by cheating the system that establishes norms for competence. In later life, that same person may continue to cheat others by posing as someone who met the qualifications for the position they hold.  Society loses when we allow that to happen. 

Consider the advertising message that found its way into the comments section of one chronicle written by the Footloose Forester.  He declines to point a finger at a particular person but the message below speaks for itself.
Having a summer holiday can be a boon or a bane for the students; it is a boon because you neither have to study for long and extended hours nor you have to stay up all night to complete the pending academic paper. However, it can be a bane because you don't know how to utilise your time in a meaningful and productive manner. Even in vacations sometimes students feel burdened because they have to complete the academic essays which teachers have assigned them for vacations. If the task of writing an essay is difficult for you then, instead of investing your time and energy in completing these essays you should contact best essay writing service UK in order to save your time and energy. In all probability taking help from an academic writing service will enable you to indulge yourself in cool and fun activities. If you are ruffled and chafed because you don’t know what to do with your extra time in vacations, then no need to fret for you can opt something cool from the below-given list to make the best use of this blissful time.
Sink or swim is not only a cliché, but it is also a challenge.  A hired essay writer can, for a price, offer a beautiful garment for you to wear; but when it is time for you to enter the water to either sink or swim…well, we know what is in store.

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Janet Locane on Monday, 09 October 2023 10:45

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Dick Pellek on Tuesday, 10 October 2023 15:46

Thank you for your comments. Sharing is caring.

Thank you for your comments. Sharing is caring.