Paul and Karen Hair

b2ap3_thumbnail_Paul-and-Karen-Hair.JPGSalem is home for Paul and Karen Hair.  Paul was born in Salem to Delamar B. and Zelma Johnson Hair on November 9, 1936.  Karen was born in Spanish Fork (625 North 100 West) to Joseph Ford and Lily May Stebbins Lucas on September 6, 1939.  When Paul was 7 years old his family moved to Spanish Fork, next door to Karen.  They didn’t really know each other until after Paul came home from his LDS mission.  He was outside working on his car and Karen’s older sister saw him out the kitchen window.  She told Karen to go over and meet him.  After some coaxing she went over and needless-to-say they were married on August 19, 1959.  They have four boys and two girls:  David (Ronda) Hair, Payson; Boyd Hair (deceased); Kevin (Crystal) Hair, American Fork; Sherilyn (Brian) Wright, Enoch; Bryce Alan (Sherri) Hair, Richfield; and Alican (Kevin) Koyle, Salem.  They have 29 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren with two more expected in June.  They have two Yorkies, Puff and Pooky and a cat, Tiggy.

After they were married they lived for 6 years in Spanish Fork.  In 1965 they moved to Salem.  They moved to Payson in 2005 for 4 years and then they moved back to Salem. 

Paul served in the Spanish Fork Unit of the Utah National Guard.  He joined just as the Korean War ended.  He was active duty for four years and reserves for four years.  He attained the rank of Corporal. 

To support his family Paul worked for Taylor Carpet and Furniture for 25 years, three years at their Orem store and the last 22 years as manager of their Spanish Fork store.  In 1983 he was talking to Albert Price, who was a councilman for Salem City.  He said the city was interviewing for a City Recorder.  Paul applied and was hired.  Phyllis Porter Scott, the recorder at the time trained him.  He worked for Salem City for 18 1/2 years. 

After high school (1957-1960) Karen worked as a telephone operator in Spanish Fork.  She said she assisted with some interesting calls.  She was the school Librarian at Salem Elementary for 21 years.  She served as secretary of the State (School Service Employees) Association. 

Paul’s involvement with Salem City has been as City Recorder, on the Caucus Committee for the Progressive Party and on the City Council from 2004-2005.  In 1963 he was President of the Spanish Fork Kiwanis Club and was a member for 20 years. 

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints they both have held many positions.  Paul served a mission to the Northern California Mission.  On November 9, 2001 he retired from Salem City and the next week they went to Albuquerque, New Mexico to serve an 18 month mission.  From 2006-2007 they served in the Canada Winnipeg Mission.  In 2009 they were called to serve at the BYU Genealogy Library for one year. They were able to travel to Europe with Taylor Carpet and Furniture.  They have also visited Monte Carlo, Italy, Ireland, Canada a number of times, Alaska, Cancun, and Tijuana, Mexico. 

Paul likes to farm.  He has always had cows and horses and raised alfalfa.  On October 1, 2012 he was injured in a farm accident which resulted in a broken neck.  It has affected his hearing, voice and he can’t swallow too well, but is thankful to be here.  He likes to garden and work outside.  In his younger days he liked to fish.  Most recently he loves to work in the Temple.  Karen likes to crochet, do ceramics, cook and loves to knit and read.  She is a member of the Knotty Knitters.

Paul doesn’t like sauerkraut.  Karen is game to try any food.  She said she was taught to eat everything on your plate although she admits she doesn’t like cold cereal after it sits in the milk and goes soggy.  Paul is a meat, potato and gravy man.  Karen loves chocolate – any way, shape or form.

Paul and Karen, thank you for your contributions to Salem.


Salem City Newsletter Senior Spotlight, April 2016, page 3.

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